We were all hungry & tired after a whole afternoon of shopping at Forever 21 SM Aura yesterday. We practically closed the store ourselves! The mall isn’t 100% functioning yet, no restos (or at least the ones we liked), so Judith suggested Aracama at The Fort. She’s “makati girl” so I really trust her judgement, especially when it comes to food & dining. I was very happy to try a new place. As much as possible, I don’t repeat restaurants so I get to give you, my dear readers, new materials to read! ;))


Aracama Filipino CuisineThe Fort

Unit C The Fort Entertainment Center, Katipunan CircleFort Bonifacio, Taguig(02) 519-6815
The curtain hides the stairs on the left going to the party place upstairs.
The dining room downstairs is cozy & relaxed. I’m glad we ate downstairs.
We were all so tired already that we just wanted a quiet, relaxed dinner.
Although you could hear some “boom-boom” going on from upstairs. :)

I learned that Aracama is actually a bar. Or the upstairs part at least. I was surprised to see a long unoccupied table waiting for us with several more empty tables beside it, so I was thinking maybe it wasn’t such a popular place after all. Boy was I wrong. Para palang bampira mga taong pumupunta sa aracama. Pagkagat ng dilim, that’s when they go! :P Midway into our meal at the ground floor at around 11 PM, people started lining up outside, waiting to be seated. I really am not a party girl haha.  I don’t know these things! :P

The food took a while to be served. Only 2 servers were allotted downstairs & we were a big group. But the food made up for the somewhat long wait. Aracama is more of a Filipino comfort food resto, serving gising gising, crispy pata, binagoongang baboy and the like.

What is Pinoy without the sauceses??? ;)
Fish Balls 150 php
Street food treat, made from scratch served with three dips, double dipping is encouraged
Salpicao de la Casa 290 php
24 hour Sous Vide Beef riblets in black pepper sauce and garlic chips
KKK 120 php
Kalkag Kalo Kalo with dried baby shrimps, garlic, and green onions
Lumpiang Bangus 180 php
Milkfish and vermicelli spring rolls with tamarind and green chili dip 
Pancit Molo 370 php
Pork wontons, shrimps, chicken soup, Ilonggo chicken soup flavored with shrimps, wantons, and garlic oil
Gising Gising 195 php
Spicy winged beans with spicy green chilies, ground pork and coconut milk 
Brown Rice Per cup 70.00
To ate’s delight! ;)
Binagoongang Baboy 375 php
Pork belly simmered in tomatoes, shrimp paste with green mango relish
Humba Baby Back Ribs 360 php
Visayan vibe pork ribs sweet soy, peanut and black bean BBQ sauce
Nilasing na Hipon 240 php
Deep fried gin drunken baby shrimps seasoned with pomelo sea salt 
Inasal na Manok 375 php
Bacolod style grilled chicken in secret marinade and ubod atchara
Tokwa at Baboy 210 php
Fried tofu and twice cooked pork in a punchy spicy vinegar plus soy sauce
Kalo Kalo 110 php
Negrense style rice fried in garlic achuete oil
Suman sa Ibos 180 php
Signature dessert – deep fried Ibus suman, mascuvado latik, mangoes and ginger ice cream

I liked the twist. But not so much the taste of the ginger ice cream. 

Dulce Gatas and Bunuelos 200 php
Caramelized gooey dulce de leche with warm fried pastries

You MUST get this. I promise you, you WILL NOT regret it.
I wanted to wipe the dulce de leche clean & lick the can!!! <3

Mais con Yelo 120 php
Shaved ice with creamed corn, milk, corn ice cream, and corn flakes
Halo Halo 120 php
Pinoy shaved ice treat with bananas and beans, ube jam, jelly cubes ice cream plus toasted pinipig
Grabe kami mag-order noh? As if this was our last meal & there’s no tomorrow anymore hahaha! This is was STARVING gets you! ;P
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