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Arabian Delights at Corniche

The Bossman himself, SPANKY ENRIQUEZ, emailed me an invite a couple of weeks ago for a Middle Eastern Feast at the Corniche of Diamond Hotel! Now an invite from him is like getting a bat signal on the sky of Gotham City, You don’t dilly-dally. You RUSH and reply ROGER THAT BOSS. :)





What’s more, I LOVE ARAB CUISINE! <3 But I don’t get to eat it much because Kap & the kids don’t like to experiment when it comes to food. And they don’t like spices. They don’t like to taste it, they don’t like to smell it. Boo! So this was truly a win-win situation for me & I couldn’t be any happier!


Arab cuisine is defined as the various regional cuisines spanning the Arab world, from Mesopotamia to Saudi Arabia, and incorporating the Levantine, Egyptian, and other traditions. Lamb and chicken are the most used, with beef, goat, and camel used to a lesser degree. Other poultry is used in some regions, and fish is used in coastal areas. Pork is completely prohibited—for Muslim Arabs, being both a cultural and religious Haram taboo and prohibited under Islamic law; many Christian Arabs do eat and enjoy pork products, especially in Lebanon, where cold cuts of ham are frequently consumed in Christian neighborhoods.


Corniche Diamond Hotel

Hotel Lobby Diamond Hotel,

Roxas Blvd Ermita, Manila

(02) 528-3000



On the dot at 6:30 PM, I met up with the Bossman & the rest of his KTG members. You do remember what KTG stands for right? Kain-Tulog-Gang. Although if you ask them, they’ll swear by their white hairs that the acronym means a different thing altogether! :P




Thank you to the gracious Melanie Pallorina, Public Relations Manager for Diamond Hotel Philippines, for having all of us as your guests! <3



One long tableful of 20 hungry foodies!



Of course, I went straight to the Arabian Delights section.
It is after all, what I was covering that night. :)
Business & pleasure, what a great combination!
Kap, supportive hubby that he is, was happy for me.
But as you can see, he was contemplating hard on what to eat haha! Parang ayaw lumapit sa mesa haha.








Chicken Shawarma





My exotic food feast! I loved the biryani rice! And the spicy curried beef went so well with it! <3




Hummus & yogurt spreads! <3




Another platter of enjoyment! <3




Tandoori. Indian term for food cooked in a clay oven. The meat is marinated with aromatic herbs and spices before cooking. [tahn-DOOR; tahn-DOOR-ee] Used throughout India, the traditional rounded-top tandoor oven is made of brick and clay. It’s used to bake foods over direct heat produced from a smoky fire. The dough for the delicious Indian bread naan is slapped directly onto the oven’s clay walls and left to bake until puffy and lightly browned. Meats cooked in the tall, rather cylindrical tandoor are usually skewered and thrust into the oven’s heat, which is so intense (usually over 500°F) that it cooks a chicken half in less than 5 minutes. Chicken and other meats cooked with this method are identified as tandoori chicken, etc.



Being a Japanese in my past life, I also went for my one true love after having my fill of exotic food: the Japanese station!





My baby girl Sumi of The Purple Doll apparently had the same idea! ;))





My japanese platter. <3
Yes. That’s how much wasabi I normally put on my sauce. I really like hot & spicy food.





Happy conversations abound while digesting & waiting for our food to go down so we can have yet another round (and another, and another) at the fabulous buffet spread! :P




As we munched on these in between! As if our tummy had the spare room. But who says no to nuts & cheese right?





For regular-food eating folks, worry not. Corniche has other delightful dishes & entrees to meet your every want & need..











While walking around, I bumped into these two who were also searching for more grub! The Sexiest Eater & The Pickiest Eater! ;))






I decided I’ve already had too much for one meal so I just concentrated on the dessert assortment before calling it a night..




Arab sweets.. of course I gotta have me some! :P
I particularly liked the sweet baklava.




My happy dessert plate! <3
I love that Corniche had their own chocolate station so I went kinda wild.




My second serving. Chocolate is LHAV! @_@


Zigzag pattern from top left: Dude for Food, Tales from the Tummy & lovely wife Irene, The Mommist & Hefty Foodie, lovers Jeeves & Jako, our lovely hostess Melanie, The Tummy Traveler, Mommy Practicality, The Pickiest Eater, All Chucked Up, The Purple Doll, si Sugar at si Spice, and of course our Bossman The Daily Spank! ;)





Thank you much Boss Spanky for inviting us yet again to join your wonderful, lovable, fun KTG! <3 I’ve enjoyed the many wonderful experiences, dining privileges & new found friendships since you guys have been taking me along in your food trips. I value your kindness & I love you guys so much! :-*





Corniche of Diamond Hotel Philippines has different themed buffet nights to tickle your fancy. Try them all & let me know which one is your favorite! ;)




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