Apartment 1B

I tricked & manipulated ate into thinking that it’s HER decision to skip school for her birthday hehe! :P Magaling talaga ako mag-drama-lama. I know, my bad. But it’s just the first week of the 2nd semester anyway, and besides, not all professors show up for the first week, hello. Well, except for 1 terror teacher that she absolutely HAD TO go to that 1 class. #nerdalert Lels, just kidding. I’m really happy that ate is so diligent when it comes to school. It’s bad enough that I’m such an enabler & pasimuno! :P

For her birthday brunch, she requested Apartment 1B. We’ve been curious about their brekky offerings for quite some time but never got the chance to visit. So for her birthday brunch, we made sure we finally went there before she went to school for 1.5 hours. Hayz.

Apartment 1B Rockwell

Salcedo Village, Makati(02) 869-3530

Poor little goldfish, all alone. Haven’t found her “THE ONE” yet.. sorta like.. ___! ;))

Complimentary bread that came with pre-packed butter. Ganon? Wala talang effort?

French Onion Soup. Gruyere cheese 240.00

Baked Samosas. Mushrooms, spinach and cream cheese 350.00 Loved this! There was an explosion of flavors bursting in my mouth & I could taste all the 3 main ingredients wonderfully. <3

They did not scrimp on fillings. The pastry was flaky & just right.

Crabcakes. Lump crabmeat, shoestring potatoes, mustard dill sauce, salad greens 330.00 Loved this as well! Can be eaten as a salad instead of an appetizer.

The crabcakes that were hiding under those crunchy shoestring potatoes!

Filled with mouthwatering crab flakes! <3 Worth the price.

I love how she always holds my hand. In the car, while strolling, and even when waiting for our food to come. She knows my language of love is touch so she makes an extra effort of always making sure she touches me at every opportunity. I’m so LOVED! <3

My anorexic girl’s Three-Egg Omelet. Build your own. Choose 1 filling from each: Meat: Smoked bacon, Canadian ham, Sausage, smoked salmon. Vegetables: fresh mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, … + 480.00 Of course her eggs had to be yolkless! @_@ Where’s the fun in that?! Tapos binigay pa sa akin ang kalahati! :P

Would’ve tasted MUCH better with the egg yolk included. Just saying! :P #tooblandformylife

Eggs Benedict with Smoked Salmon and Spinach. Wheat English muffins, lemon-caper hollandaise, home fries Serving 1 pc. 460.00 2 pcs. 790.00 If you are eating this alone (meaning no appetizers), order the 2 pieces. The serving is really small!

Loving the runny eggs. <3 Perfect breakfast paired with Brewed coffee at 80.00

Perfect girl! <3

She’s SO funny! She always laughs when she is greeted, and when sang to! Here she is laughing maniacally! ;))

Awwwww! I just LOVE my birthday girl!!! <3 Pardon my balding spot. Kaka-stress ko sa mga bagets yan! :P

Low Sugar Gateau de Crepe that ate specifically requested. Layered crepe, vanilla cream 210.00 I thought it would taste bland because of the “low sugar” content, but I was impressed & delighted with this dessert. Just the right amount of sweetness in every bite! <3

Admittedly, the food were a bit pricey. But nothing but the best for my birthday princess. ;)

And whad’ya know? Apartment 1B is just right beside the posh & high fashion COMME DES GARCON store. And ate has been hinting about it for the looooongest time. Hmmmnnn.. maybe that’s why she wanted to eat at Apartment 1B?? Maybe I’m not the only manipulator in the family! :P

Happy with her purchase. I’m glad! <3

And of course, she will never forget to buy one also for her baby sister. LOVE!!! :) Can you guess which one belongs to who? It so says a lot about their different personalities! CDG Converse Sneakers 9k a pop!

It was off to school after her brief shopping..


But of course our special day doesn’t end there. Up on Monday, where we celebrated her birthday dinner, and our UNFORGETTABLE dessert! @_@

But before that, I have a gap post tomorrow. A sunday! ;) Do come visit me again for that. :)

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