My hunny has a tennis working dinner again tonight, and he wants me to come along –so sweet! <3 They have a meeting at Jojo & Judith’s house to plan the next 3 tournaments (sheeshkabob)!!! . Since I absolutely adore Jill (the hosts’ little girl –she’s so biba!), my Lovey & I decided to give little Jilly a present coz she’s just sooooooo cute!!! <3

My lovey suggested a huggable from animaland, her favorite stuffed toy store.
She chose an animal to stuff.. it exploded on her haha. Too much stuffing! :))
The cute pink piggy my Lovey chose for Jilly! <3
Complete with a wig, panty & sandals haha! So cute! I hope Jill will like it!
We decided to name it Jelly Belly hahaha! :)
My lovey fell in love with a unicorn
(she always falls in love with something whenever we’re there!) @_@
So I also bought her one. :)
She went through the “ritual” again.. a star to wish on & put inside the doll
chuva-chuchu!!! ;))
Tada!!! 2 cute animals “adopted” & boxed! :)
Presenting RAINBOW!!!
My lovey’s new addition to her collection! <3
She hugged her other toys so they don’t get jealous of the new one! ;)

My baby loves animaland so much that she had her 10th birthday party here with her closest friends who got to adopt their very own huggables (with matching outfits to boot)!!!

For a minimum purchase of 20k, animaland will go to your home,
or anywhere your party will be held.
I guarantee, your child will have the best birthday ever!!! <3
We hope Jill will love her gift just as my baby loves ALL her stuffed animals. <3

This is cutiepie Jill. She kept bouncing up & down haha,
couldn’t take a decent picture of her with jelly belly! ;P
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