Ang Pakialamerang Ina.. Bow!

I admit it… I’m not just a meddlesome mom. I’m a VERY meddlesome mom!!! :(( Thank God I have been blessed with wonderful kids who forgive me over & over again every time I cross the boundaries! <3

A week ago, I noticed a name that kept cropping up in all my pictures in facebook. Liking & commenting. Liking & commenting. Never ending, I tell you. So, I made it my life’s mission to find out who this person was! I finally found the culprit. It was my 13-year-old son’s “FB friend”. So, without his permission, I made the cardinal sin of BLOCKING her from his facebook! (My kids trusted me with their passwords because I log into their accounts for gaming purposes –I send myself gifts!!! I know, I know!! I didn’t have the right to do that. Too late the hero!!! @_@ )

Okay, so going back to this girl. I picked up my son from school. I made small talks, then casually said.. Babyson, there’s this Faye Legarda who made you her “brother” in facebook. And she keeps liking my pictures and commenting. I blocked her from your account, okay?

The stalker on the left.. she looks so angelic! I can’t believe she’s the same person 
who wrote those nasty inbox  messages!! Looks really are deceiving!!! @_@

My son goes ballistic. Mom!!! I met her in our SOP (his school’s outreach program)! We’re going back there this saturday!!! She’s gonna wonder why I blocked her!!! It’s gonna be so awkward coz I logged out the last time we were chatting when she told me she was in love with me!!!

Patay!” I thought to myself. I meddled (again) & probably got my son into trouble! (again). I tried to pacify him. I calmly said: Oh, okay then just tell her when you go on saturday that I was the one who blocked her coz I didn’t know her.

OMG!!! The girl (who is only 11 years old, mind you!) didn’t like being blocked. My son didn’t have until saturday like I thought! She sent him several messages right away through her other numerous accounts making her displeasure known (in tagalog). “Bakit si blah-blah-blah kilala ba ng nanay mo? Nagsisinungaling ka lang! Aminin mo na! Naiinis ka ba sa akin? blah-blah-blah”. The messages were getting meaner & meaner than the previous ones & they were piling up my son’s inbox already. I told my son to just ignore her & not reply. Oh, and not only that. She starts hounding his other classmates, asking if my son was online & to let him know that she wants to be unblocked!!!

He goes: Mom!!! Do you know how many they are there? I might get beaten up when I go there on saturday!!! You don’t know them! They are the rough kind!!! They’re gonna gang up on me for sure!! (ermm.. i forgot to mention that I made him block the other SOP kids as well!) I’m dead!!!

My son with his “ward” on the left. This picture was taken on their last day there.

At this point, I feel like crying already. Oh no, I tell myself. My son is in deep S&*T because of me (again)! I say: Babyson, please don’t get angry na. I’m sorry. Just be absent nalang on saturday. He says he can’t because it’s graded. I ask him if I can go nalang with him. He says NO –with feelings! I ask him if the driver can go with him at least so he has a “bodyguard”. He doesn’t want. I ask him if I can at least talk to his teacher so she can watch out for him. He gives me the evil eye.. I cower…

Shoot! I’ve messed this one up really bad!!! :(( And now I don’t know how to get out of it without my son being a casualty! :'(( I can’t sleep!!

Saturday comes.. my son goes to his SOP.. I’m really worried so I text him. “Babyson! What’s happening?? Are they giving you a hard time?” He replies: “At first they were all cold & giving me the evil eye. But then after we ate & played a little, they warmed up to me & even started hugging me. They even said I love you to me on our way home.”

My son giving their contributions to an Oblates representative.. some books & games.
With students from Oblates..

Pshhhhh!!! What a relief!!! @_@ I’m NEVER EVER messing up with my son’s account ever!! (Or I promise to do my best, at least!! :P )

Moral lesson of the story?? Never give your mom your password, hehehe!! I hope my kids aren’t reading this. Coz this doesn’t apply to you guys! ;P

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