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Ang Maglipat Ay ‘Di Biro

Ang maglipat ay ‘di biro. In my lifetime, I’ve moved around 3 times. Yes, just 3 times but with each transfer, it was like a never-ending cycle of packing/unpacking, buying/placing/storing. It took us a month or more to fully adjust & complete our home, laging may nakakalimutan, o laging may kulang.

Now, it’s just a very minor move & yet it’s still taking a lot of effort to furnish a 20-something sq.m. home.

Since the 2 older kids are now going to the same school, it proves more practical to get them a halfway home where they can relax & wait for each other before coming home to mommy.


Pumayag lang ako to a halfway house because they will still come home to me. Pang hang-out lang nila, or for emergency. So at least I have some peace of mind that they have a place to stay during long breaks in between classes para hindi sila pakalat-kalat sa daan. Or a shelter from the storm should they get stranded.

It’s amazing how a teeny tiny space can cost an arm & a leg now. Para akong hihimatayin. At para akong hindi makahinga with the size of the room..


Hong Liit dibaNakaka-claustro!




So we took to task buying stuff to make it somewhat home sweet home for the kids. It comes with this super fugly double deck in sky blue. So pagtyagaan nalang & maybe paint it white & put a nice bedspread. Anyway, a dorm is a dorm. Ay, excuse me, ayaw nga pala ni Ate tawaging “dorm”. Condo naman daw! :P


PicMonkey Collage

Kapitan Kunat took Demanding Diva mattress shopping. He didn’t allow me to buy a nice spring-coiled bed. Hindi naman daw tutulugan. Hayan, nag-testing sila ng kutson sa Uratex! :P 2 mattresses 5.6k

We went shopping for things. Little things lang for the bedroom/sala/dining/kitchen/bathroom. 5 areas rolled into 1 space. Parang napadami yata ang bili namin! :P Magkasya kaya???



4 carts full! Kulang pa as our list grows of things na nakalimutang ilista! @_@

Then came the grocery. More of junk food & some microwavable items for when their friends visit..



2 carts full! With boxes filled with groceries as well. But knowing my kids & how they are with friends, ubos agad yang supposedly until December supply ko! :P

Grabe, pumutok ang card ko! :| But at least they are 80% complete. I’m sure in the days to come madami pang: “Mommy I need”, kaya naka-valium na ako, lol.


Our car situation going home. Natabunan na ang Lovey ko. Thank you girls for helping me. Ang binata ko, deadma. Walang tulong whatsoever! :|

Our 5-hour shopping spree DURING AN SM SALE deserved a reward. Nakita nyo ba basang sisiw na ang peg ko? It’s no joke going to a mallwide sale, SM pa! Graaabe!

Café Mary Grace

G/F SM Southmall, Food Street, Alabang-Zapote Rd., Almanza Uno, Las Piñas (02) 919-1055


Late late lunch at Cafe Mary Grace. Pare-pareho na kaming duling sa gutom. Who knew this SM branch would look so lovely? <3



Onion Dip 170 php. Saved us form insanity while waiting for our main dishes to arrive! Perfect chip & dip combo!



My Lovey’s Chicken Inasal Breakfast 149 php.



Ate’s Couscous with Rosemary Chicken 329 php. Kanino pa nga ba, diba? :P



And my 2 plates. Well I did say duling na ako sa gutom right? :’)) And in fair, I didn’t get to eat brekky. #ExcusesExcuses Vigan Longganiza 320 php with additional orders of Beef Tapa 239 php & Bangus 111 php, hehe.



Truffle Cake Slice 130 php.



Whatever will I do without my girls?? <3

Home sweet halfway home..


It takes a village to make their place liveable and somehow a home-sweet-home #SuportahanTaKa


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PicMonkey Collage2


PicMonkey Collage1


It took us 7 HOURS to complete fixing up such a teeny tiny room, grabe! From installing to maneuvering stuff around, unpacking, washing dishes, cleaning up. What more if it were bigger? @_@ So thankful for all these people (and 1 hidden because we just can’t fit haha) for all the help they have given me!

Enjoy your halfway home kids! <3 It may not be much, but it’s given to you with a whole lotta love!

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What I wouldn’t do for you guys. We love you Ate (aka #BangsGarcia! -Get well soon!) & Kuya Super thank you my sweet Lovey for helping me always! #AlipingSaguiguilid #ForeverPA #BestGirl

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