And the Winners Are…

Thank you so much, Β my beloveds, for supporting my friend Trisha (Paper Treats) & joining my mini contest! :) By now, it’s as if I know you by heart. I love reading all your comments & emails.

Visit Paper TreatsΒ https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=384264778321071&set=a.336929543054595.80203.336373889776827&type=1&theater
For all your stationaries, invitations & personalized cards needs! :)

1.) Hazeleaf (sheila.opulencia@gmail.com)
2.) Jimrei Jess Miranda (jimrei.miranda@gmail.com)
3.) Ella Wella (ellevice@gmail.com)
4.) Mommy Pig (ronelie@ymail.com)
5.) Lexie Tan (mishimochi@yahoo.com)
6.) Mayums (mstimario@gmail.com)
7.) The Kitchen Goddess (yorutsuyomi@gmail.com)
8.) Erika (akireyhoj@gmail.com)
9.) January (elna_escalante@yahoo.com)
10.) Maria Vinella Estrillanes (vinella.estrellanes@gmail.com)

11.) Tara (tara.cagadoc@gmail.com)
12.) Joy (dekirudake.arashi@gmail.com)
13.) i.am.danilyn.rph (scrdse@yahoo.com)

And Edel (The Kitchen Goddess), thank you so much for the personal gift you sent to me via email. I always treasure all your acts of kindness to me & my family. <3

Now, to get the ball rolling, I present to you the five (5) winners of Paper Treat’s Personalized Gift Cards.

Congratulations: Ella Wella, Mommy Pig, The Kitchen Goddess, Erika, and January!!! <3
Stationaries & Note Cards are L-H-A-V!!! :)

Trisha will be sending you an email shortly to get your address/ P.O. box so she can send your gift cards. And also kindly let her know the style & font you want, and the exact name you want written on the cards. Please click HERE to get you to the facebook site where you can choose the style, etc.

Once again, I can never thank you enough for always supporting me and for your kindess & love! <3

Thank you, all!!
Love, (sexy legs) Ms. Piggy! <3

OMG this IMAGE is just sooooo cute, Trisha!!
Can you incorporate this to my personalized stationary??? Email me pls!!!

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