And The Winner Is!

Hello dear readers! :) Today is THE DAY! m/ I have uploaded & generated the raffle widget (bottom right) at exactly 12:01 p.m. to choose who the lucky winner is for my 2nd Blog Anniversary Giveaway. <3

First off, THANK YOU sooooooo much for all the nice words, the encouragement & support you guys have showered upon me. I’m so blessed to have such nice readers. :) I felt all the love & care in each of your comments, & I was deeply touched.

A special shout out to these peeps who brightened my day. And of course my dearest Frannywanny! Love you guys!!! :-*

01) Xianora (sj_macalino@yahoo.com) – The very 1st one to comment :)
02) January (elna_escalante@yahoo.com) – Thank you Elna! :-*
03) Stargazer – also a doglover! ;)
04) Marge (marge_medina@yahoo.com) – Thank you Marge! :-*
05) Tara (tara.cagadoc@gmail.com) – reunited with my long time reader <3
06) Marie Therese Nicolas (mtnicolas@yahoo.com) – thank you for loving me & my family! :-*
07) Hazeleaf (sheila.opulencia@gmail.com) – my co-bulldog lover! ;)
08) Erika (swit_akire@yahoo.com) – read all my posts through her BB! @_@ Thank you!
09) Lexie Tan (mishimochi@yahoo.com) – possibly my youngest reader :)
10) Mariel Dumlao (mariel.dumlao@gmail.com) – a dedicated dialysis nurse <3
11) This is Dy Life (deanne_dy@yahoo.com) – Catchy title! ;)
12) Ellawella (ellevice@gmail.com) – my new IG friend, co-stalker & loveteam #1 fan haha! ;-*
13) Mommy Pig (ronelie@ymail.com) – shalala! ;))
14) Munmelad (edmundmelad@gmail.com) – come to alabang! ;)
15) Silverlilac (silverlilac1423@yahoo.com) – Not FC. Close na talaga tayo! :)
16) Lhenn (egsvista22@hotmail.com) – Will definitely bump into you soon! :-*
17) Currybradshaw (mariaerikalee@yahoo.com – good luck, sweetie! M.D. -woohoo! m/
18) Iceneelia (candice_0205@yahoo.com) – love, love, love!! :)
19) Maria Vinella Estellanes (vinella.estrellanes@gmail.com) – Thank you Vinella! :-*
20) Jessa Macatuno (jessamacatuno@gmail.com) – yay, I have readers!!! ;))
Shaws – my ever supportive friend! <3
Trisha – owes me a date! ;P
Jeng – Thanks! :)
Kat Landicho – Hey gorgeous! :-*
Mylastblog – Thank you Sarah! :-*

And the WINNER is!!!

06) Marie Therese Nicolas (mtnicolas@yahoo.com)!!!
Congratulations Marie!! <3
I have already contacted you. Please reply ASAP so I can send you your GC.
Wow!!!! :)

Again, thank you all, for joining. <3 And for always visiting my blog. I had so much fun reading all your comments & replying. Thank you for your kindness & support -from the bottom of my heart!! :-* Please watch out for my birthday giveaway. Happening SOON! ;) Love you guys! <3 <3 <3

PS – Do you like to read? I’d love to share some of my e-books with you! Just post your email address below & I’ll send you some. Cheerio! <3

To read or not to read.. THAT is a silly question! ;P
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