And she finally gets her LICENSE!

Ate FINALLY got her license today! After our numerous & repeated trips to LTO, we finally have it! (dance of joy)
Her ninang Marina was there personally to assist us ALL THE WAY to make sure we really really get it today, haha! :P
Picture (again!) with sleeves na this time.
Although shorts aren’t allowed, and slippers.
Good thing we were with her ninang! Or we would have to go another day.. AGAIN!
Signature (again!)
Testing. Bongga, her ninang had her take the exam by herself..
while the rest were waiting for their turn outside. Sosyalerang ate! ;P
We were in & out under 1 hour, hurrah! m/ Then had lunch at the nearby Luk Foo -where else? :P
Special cold cuts 330 php
Fried noodle with seafood 220 php
Soy Bean/Fish Fillet with tausi 280 php 
Steamed shrimp dumpling 80 php 
Steamed garlic fish filet 280 php
Fried minced squid with Tofu 270 php
With her ninang Marina 
For her debut shoe fund! Bongga!!!
Thank you so much, Dearest, for loving us so much & for always taking care of us. We love you!!! <3
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