An Enchanted Monday

August 27-30.. long weekend yay! :) Wanted to go to baguio, but typhoon Mina didn’t want to cooperate. Targeted mostly the northern area, so we stayed safe in the South.

My baby girl made plans with her friends to go to Enchanted Kingdom instead. Kept our fingers crossed that the weather will cooperate! So off we went with raincoats & umbrellas in tow…

4 happy little girls in front of the entrance, waiting for the doors to open..
They were supposedly 6. 1 cancelled.. 1 is yet to come! :)
Uber patient moms who truly deserve Moms-of-the-year awards for
always giving in to their little princesses’ wishes!
Rain OR shine! :P

With their ride all you can passes..
except you really can’t ride ALL you can, they charge extra for that.
What a rip-off! :P
first stop: The SWINGS!!! @_@
The highlight of their day.. GETTING WET! :)

Ate wasn’t feeling well but I forced bribed charmed her into coming.
This was going to be an all-day event & I was going to miss her too much if she stayed home.
My babyson had lakad with his thugs so no amount of tears could make him skip that! :P
While the 5 little girls (max finally caught up) waited in line for the Happy Feet 4D…
Ate got pulled to be part of the entertainment haha..
My ate is so game, i LOVE her! <3 
In front of the Space Shuttle.
Only 2 girls were brave enough to ride it.. and nope, my lovey wasn’t one of them haha!
The rest just took a jumping shot! ;))
Whether she admits it or not, bribing her with this was the selling point haha.
This is why ate came with me! :P
Ate meryenda to replenish their (mostly OUR) energy!
The girls won a stuffed toy EACH with this darts game.
You get a point for every balloon you pop. My lovey popped 6 after 10 attempts (500 pesos)
and won this cute Koala from the 6 accumulated points.
Happy with their “prizes” ;))
More of the RIP-OFF mini games hahaha! :))
This is 50 pesos/shot. You have to make all 3 cans tumble from the uber light ball! @_@
Ring toss. I so wanted to have those huge frogs! But really???
Color Toss was a little better.
At least they gave you consolation prize anywhere you get your ball to land. 
Duck Pond was actually a game of chance. You choose your duck.
But alexis got lucky & won this cute ducky! :)

Bottle Up was also another rip-off hehe!
No one was able to hook the beer bottle.
I noticed those with big prizes were the impossible ones! ;P
Enough of the mini-games. Our moolah ran out!
The girls wanted to try the Haunted House. All.. except for my lavinia..
who is a sissy like her mom & ate hehe!
These 2 girls rode this!
I can’t believe how brave they are!!! @_@
Of course they OWLED!!!
and we planked! ;P
Did you notice my red back??
The sun is so not my friend! :(
Time to cool off.. ICE MONSTERS yay!!! <3
One last hurrah before we left..
Baho & super hot inside but the girls wanted. So…

The godfather (Vince) invited us all to have dinner at Palms. What a perfect & YUMMY way to end our day! <3

The happy little girls..
The tired & hungry parents…
Kangaroo Meat Pie. Poor roo!!! :'((
Pusit!!! Sayang, my baby son would have loved this!
Lamb shank..
Chicken in skewers..

Couldn’t resist the mousse… but I didn’t drink soda, or eat pasta.
So there! :P
I was either too tired to even contemplate this dessert plate..
or I’m on my way to recovery hahaha! :))
But I did have some of these.. fruits naman noh! ;)

I don’t think my kids will ever tire of Enchanted Kingdom. And as long as that makes them happy, I will forever be their alipin! <3

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