Amanda, my new toy!

I have always wanted a golf cart, I’m such a child at heart! <3 It took my husband some persuasion with matching pole-dancing on my part (LOL, jk! -like I could!) before I got him to buy me one.

Last week, my Honey finally finished pimping up Amanda, my red golf cart. Here’s what she looks like now, I’m sooo happy! :)

Amanda is sooooo pretty!!! I originally wanted her in HOT PINK but my son
contested! :(( He said he would look stupid driving around in a hot pink golfcart, teehee!! ;P
So I agreed to PASSIONATE RED!!! ;)

My Honey put in BAD A$$ speakers under my seat so when I’m listening to my ipod when I pick up the kids from school, people as far away as timbuktu could hear me! :)) Of course I have to turn it off as soon as I get to school grounds.

Okay, so they’re not bad ass! More like baby speakers actually.
But the sound is really LOUD ha!
Even dogs I pass turn to stare at me, haha! ;P

He also put in lights, mirror (more for vanity for me than necessity so I can put on my red lipstick properly, LOL!), and a wire basket for the kids’ school bags. My Honey pie thought of everything that could make a girl’s heart beat! :))

Right now, I’m begging him to put on a huge heart sticker on the hood & some furry boas on the ceiling, but he has put his foot down on that request! :(

Thank you so much Honey pie. I <3 <3 <3 Amanda!!! :-*

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