Aly, so Funny!

We have a friend named Aly, and he is oh-so funny!!! Okay, so I’m not good with rhyming, hahaha! :P Just view his Facebook profile pictures below & see why I think he’s just too funny!!! :P

The many faces of Aly…

This is his latest profile pic on facebook in time for
Last month these were his profile pictures!!! :))
Aly Potter! @_@

As Matrix Reloaded hehe!
Avatar! :P
Aly Lambert / Silence of the Lambs! ;P

Sweeney Todd!
Mocking Twilight..
And Wolverine! OMG Aly!!! :))
Aly used to be in insurance, but then he retired so he has all this time on his hands for silliness, hahaha!! :P He is now focused on photography. He also teaches photography..

and gets FULL support from his wacky family…

Here is his son’s entry to a KFC photo contest, which he won, by the way! ;))
Do visit his official site Photography by Aly if you want unconventional (& also conventional) photo takes! :)
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