Alone again, Naturally..

The kids ALL went back to school today. Sad sad day for me :'(( I got so used to spending all waking hours with them that I’m all of a sudden having withdrawal symptoms.

My hunny & I had to split driving duties in bringing the kids to school. In as much as I want to take ALL 3 to school myself & shower them with sloppy kisses & bear hugs before they start their day, I am only 1 person -boohoo!

Ate’s college schedule is crazy. Today, we both had to wake up at 5 so she can be in school before 7AM. My poor baby.

Cuddling in the car with her new travel blankie :) 
My baby all grown up </3 

Couldn’t help tearing up as I watched her go in.
It seems like yesterday when I brought her to pre-school (where of course I stayed ’til the very end -everyday!)
And the tears continue to fall! :'((
Pretty soon she won’t be needing -or wanting, her mommy anymore.

I was up all night (and morning) worrying if she will be able to make friends quickly -or if she will have somebody to eat lunch with.

My ate is like a diesel fueled car -it takes her long to warm up to people. And she’s shy around newbies. So I was really praying hard for good new friends -she will be spending 4 long years with them after all. Thank God my prayers were answered. God is good. Ate texted me midway that she made several new friends & that they were eating lunch together. Only then was I able to breathe normally again.

I think even when she’s 100 years old, she will always be my baby, & I will always worry about her. I know that I need to let her try out her wings -she will be 18 soon.

Btw, I prepared a Care Package for her to have in case of emergencies. This box stays in the cars at all times -sort of like her locker! ;P
Ate’s Care Package:
(1) blanket
(1) change of clothes (pants, shorts, shirt -for if she decides to go to the mall with her friends)
(1) extra uniform
(1) extra black flats, colored flats, slippers (for when it’s raining/baha season)
(1) raincoat/umbrella
(1) first aid kit/meds
(1) car charger for phone
Toiletries (tissue, napkin, baby wipes)
Books (for when she’s stuck in traffic or waiting for the next class)
The box I prepared for my sweetness <3 
Top: Extra Black flats (uniform), Colored flats, slippers.
Below: Snacks, Extra set of clothes.
(You can buy these boxes from SM’s plastic ware dept.)
Soft & oh-so-fluffy blanket & neck pillow.
So she can sleep during her travel time.
Books to keep her occupied if she gets stuck in traffic,
or if she has a long wait for the next class.
(These are her choices, she is more serious a reader than I am haha!)
Toiletries & Essentials.
Can you see the Handy Toilet? :P
(I don’t think she will EVER use this, haha!)
Charger for her phone.
And look what she sent me via email, to put my mind to rest..

New Friends. Happy group. Yay! m/

My 2 munchkins, on the other hand, were brought to school by their dad. And Jela, of course! ;P

One measly photo from my hunny bunch -MEN! @_@
This is my only photo memory of their 1st day back in school.

I wasn’t too worried about the 2 younger ones. They were with old classmates. Although, many have moved & transferred. From 18, my babyson’s class is now down to 13. His 2 other buddies, Luis & Matthew, left. So he’s back to his bff Luigi’s arms haha.
All my Lovey’s friends moved to WR, so I was a little worried about who she will hang out with. But my babyson promised to look out for her so I wasn’t THAT worried.
Sigh. Parenting is really hard. It’s not the expense of rearing your children. It’s the emotional roller coaster that gets to you. But at the end of the day, I wouldn’t have it any other way. My kids are my life, I don’t know what I’d do without them.
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