Almon Marina

Went on a date in Almon Marina with my recuperating-from-asthma babyson the other day. Okay, it was an errand-SLASH-date! ;))

Sandwich heaven
With my babyson <3
Too tired (excited/scared???)  from the zombie apocalypse, had a severe asthma attack that lasted a week.
New York New York 165 php
(hot roast chicken sandwich)
Hot Crab Sandwich 188 php
Hawaiian Punch 60 php

My Lavinia, who’s busy with her kick-boxing lessons with ate, asked me to buy her Sally Hansen’s Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips. It’s a sticker that you put over your nails -to the tune of 500 php/pack! Lasts up to 10 days. Whew -what people come up with for sales! @_@

SH nail strips. 500/box. OMG! @_@
Could only afford 3!
She chose the floral applique first.
We bonded over this for more than an hour. Arrrgghhh!!!
Peel bottom. Apply. Peel top. Buff. Apply polish. Sigh. Repeat. ;P

10 days. 10 days before WE (Meaning I) do this all over again. But anything for the happiness of my Lavinia! ;)

PS-Had a fun date with you, my babyson. Thank you for accompanying me on my chores. I love you, and I hope you get better soon my Love! :-*

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