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The one thing I like about UST is the block section. It was my main consideration in choosing the college for my 2 kids. Kap came from DLSU & his schedule was a nightmare. He would pick me up from USTe from my 7-11 am class, we’d eat lunch somewhere, he’d drive me home, then he’d have to go back for class in the late afternoon instead of pauwi na sana siya.

You wake up early to catch the first class, then there are so many vacant periods in between which for me, is such a waste of time. Time they could use catching up on sleep or studying instead of bumming around campus waiting for the next class. I vowed that I would never send my kids there.

Fast forward to now. Enrolling is easy peasy because the 2 older kids have block sections & their schedule & professors have been mapped out for them for the duration of their 4-year stay. Downside is they can’t choose their profs, but upside is they don’t have to fight for time, super chill lang talaga pag block section, kahit na laging baha. :P

Another thing is I’m a creature of habit. I don’t like too many changes. So with a block section, your classmates from year 1 will be your classmates until year 4. Again, downside is you’re stuck with an annoying classmate for 4 years (unless you pray that he fails a subject & has to attend a different class, LOL). Upside is you’re comfy with the people around you. There’s no surprise & no worry about who you’re having lunch with or hanging out with in between lengthy periods like surprise free cuts because you have already established a clique.



Like these girls (and 2 boys). :) Ate has been with the same group from Day 1 & they are as close as siblings. They share everything & help each other in class. They eat together, study together, do projects together. I’ve gotten to know them & I trust them fully.




But my one rule with my 2 girls, yes even Ate at almost 21, is no sleepovers. Especially if I don’t know the family of their friends. I will protect them for as long as I can, KJ na kung KJ but it’s better safe than sorry. And I am thankful that they don’t give me a hard time about it. They can stay at their friends’  homes for as long as they want with the driver just outside, but they HAVE to come home at some point. Which is why Ate doesn’t dorm. Uwian talaga kahit pa dusa sa traffic.

CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT WHY I’M SO PARANOID. With a follow-up story HERE. These are actual life stories of people we know (and what I mean when I say girls are delicate flowers that need protecting). There are always outside forces to be considered & reckoned with. You just need to pray very very hard that your loved ones are always kept from harm & danger. But even then, there is no guarantee, as you can see.

Anyway, because of my NO-SLEEPOVER  policy, my girls have sleepovers at out home instead. (Ang daya ko lang diba). In Ate‘s case. Kahit lahat pa sila taga QC and we live all the way in Alabang, they’d come over to study for all-nighters & I take care of them the best that I can.

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Buhay estudyante. They are always tired. Being mentally active is more draining than physical activity so they try to catch up on sleep whenever they can, poor girls. </3

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One more year to go, and another 4 years after that. Sigh. I hope that you get the same kind of friends in Med School Ate as the ones you have now. Having good friends in school makes life much more interesting & having to wake up so early waaaaay easier.

Congratulations on not just passing through another hurdle. but being on the Dean’s List too Ate -woohoo! I am SO proud of ALL of you. Bio is not an easy course, and what you ladies & gentlemen are doing is nothing short of amazing. I love you guys! :-*

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