Agave Mexican Cantina

It was my babyson’s NCAE (National Career Assessment Examination ) last wednesday, so my Lovey had me all to herself again. ;)

The NCAE was developed to improve the quality of secondary education graduates entering college.  It aims to maintain the highest quality of education in the Philippines by leading the flow of students to courses in post-secondary institutions of learning matching their aptitude to promote national development.

And because of the new mouth-watering food joints cropping up in SM South Mall, we decided to investigate further & dine ala-mexicana this time around.

I just LURVE mexican food!!! <3

AHA! I have found a new watering hole!!! ;)

It was a pleasant surprise to find an expanse of space at the back.
Taco Salad (to share) 415 php
It’s like pancake house’s taco salad except better & with more fillings! ;)
All Cheese Quesadilla (Solo) 225 php
Grande Beef Burrito 385 php.
One of the best & biggest burrito I’ve ever had! I love the chili sauce that came with it. <3
I always look forward to having dates with this wonderful girl! <3
Boca Negra 295 php
Sadly, this fell short of my expectations.
A very toned down version of Chili’s Molten Lava Cake. Less than half the man, actually! :P
Churros 160 php
This one I loved.
Make sure you squash the chili & mix it in with the chocolate sauce underneath all that churro goodness for an extra oomph!
Bottomless drinks (soda & Iced Tea) at 95 php

Brought home a little something for one of my kids as a peace-offering, suhol if you must..

We’ve been having squabbles & LQs lately because I’m now verifiably NOT the sole focus of my child’s attention & love. :P After being their sun & moon for so many years, it’s tough to transition into being just the driver & caregiver -worse, the landlord. I get jealous when somebody else gets not just the attention but also the chocolates & little trinkets! @_@ FML! :'(

One thing I learned from our recent LQ, YELLING does not accomplish anything & in fact drives the wedge in the gap further. Communication is always the key, and I have failed to act as the adult in our relationship. I played it out with my heart & not my head. For that I am truly, truly sorry, my sweetheart.

I’m just glad that we were able to patch up everything that needed patching up & nothing worse happened. I will never be able to forgive myself if I scarred my child forever because of my harsh words. My baby is sensitive & emotional so my approach wasn’t the best way to get the attention. When we are angry, it’s really best to just keep quiet instead of unleashing the tongue.

I’m trying my best to be the best mother but sometimes even our best intentions aren’t enough. I have 3 kids who have different temperaments & personalities. And what may work for one doesn’t necessarily mean it will work for the other.

Many of my readers praise me for being a good mother. But I’m not perfect. I’m still struggling and sometimes I don’t even know if half of what I’m doing is right. For all I know I might be wrong most of the time. All I can do is hope & pray that I bring them up right & be the best mother that I can be. And know (and accept) that not everything is about me! :P They too have a life beyond their mother! ;)

There’s no surefire way to parenting, & I just need keep learning as the years go by, adapting from my mistakes & try to do a better job from then on.

Forgive me my babies, when mommy makes mistakes. I’m only human. But know that my love for you is constant. I will always, always love you & care for you beyond words. <3
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