Acacia Hotel Revisited

Barely a week into school & her college declares today a no-school day due to a Faculty Retreat & Development Program. And you know who is happiest right? Me!!! ;))

I’ve got my ate for 4 WHOLE days- a glorious loooooong weekend, I’m jumping for joy! <3 Of course, a date is not far behind.

She has never been to Acacia Hotel, even though the Dad of her former classmate Bea Gonzales from her old TLC school is part-owner. So I decided to treat her there for lunch. My first time there wasn’t so great, so we went armed full of hope that the food has greatly improved since it’s soft opening.

With Bea (beside her) in her old school, 5th from left.

As before, the staff was so hospitable, attentive & eager to please. We were treated like royalty upon entry. And even though their buffet spread opens at 12 noon, we were allowed to partake of the feast at 11 AM -after gushing how so hungry we already were haha.

Buffet Rates:
Breakfast – P788++
Lunch – P988++
Dinner – P1,088++
We spent most time at the salad station where everything was fresh & to our liking…
The salad bar
more salad choices
The fresh seafood bar
Cold cuts & Smoked meat
Sushi Bar
(I found it very minimal in choices though, just the bare essentials)
The Deli Bar
Look at my happy plate! <3
I mean -PLATES! ;))

Being a lover of cheeseses, I also enjoyed their cheese bar & the selection..

However, and sad to say, everything went downhill from there starting with the 2nd station that we visited.

2nd Station..
Dimsum was limited to 3 choices: pork siomai, shrimp hakao, vegetable dumpling
And I didn’t find them very fresh OR crunchy.
The Noodle Bar
Sadly I found this lackluster as well. The soup was tasteless.

Their FOUR Hot dishes were ordinary, nothing to really rave about. Except maybe for the sisig, which ate loved. But then again, she LOVES sisig! ;P

Pork Sisig
Pork Sinugba
Stir-fry Fish Fillet

We went on to the 3rd station which featured the pasta, sinigang soup, tempura & carving stations.
3rd station.. 
The Mongolian bar.
My mongolian plate.
I should have added a little rice, it was too salty for my liking.
Pasta station which we didn’t get to taste anymore since we were so full from all the appetizers we gorged on,
earlier part of our meal! ;P 
The Sinigang bar, which my Lavinia would have loved, I’m sure! ;)
Don’t worry baby, you’ll have your turn soon.
And the last station, which I found the saddest of all, was the dessert station. I really felt like crying when I saw what they had to offer..

Halo-halo Bar
yes folks, that’s it! :'(( 
My very very sad dessert plate. Boohoo!
But at least their complementary coffee made me smile.
and the complementary bottomless drinks
with a choice of either the pandan juice, or the iced tea. 

Food was so-so
But company was GREAT! <3

For the price, I guess the food is okay. Not something I’d want to go back to soon, or something I would crave for. The attention is great though. So you want some pampering & a whole lot of attention, then I suggest you come to Acacia Hotel. But I find that for an extra 500 php, I would be much happier in Belleveue Hotel, if I was made to choose.

But more than the food, I was happy to have a 1-on-1 date with my ate who is sooner, rather than later, getting out of my arm’s reach. She is becoming more & more independent day by day. I just want to savor every moment that she still wants to spend with her dear old mum.

My silly ate <3
She’s giddy here, & has a tendency to laugh a lot when she’s had SO MUCH to eat! ;))
Giggly geese! <3
Laughter on our faces -PRICELESS! ;)
I love you ate! <3
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