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12 Monkeys Music Hall & Pub

Located at the 5th floor of the brand new Century City Mall is 12 Monkeys Music Hall & Pub. Formed by a group of individuals united by their passion for good food and live music, 12 Monkeys is a collaboration of 12 restaurateurs:
– Raymond Magdaluyo (Red Crab and the Sumo Sam Group)
– Jerico Fernando (Vask)
– Neil Arce (71 Gramercy and Tipsy Pig)
– Mike Gelacio (Publiko and Universe)
– JM Rodriguez (Prive)
– GP Reyes (Century Properties Creative Director and club/bar owner)
– Neil Paras (Big Bad Wolf)
– Keith Haw,
– musicians Chito Miranda of Parokya ni Edgar and Champ Lui Pio of Hale,
– media personalities Jinno Rufino of Solar Sports, DJ Tony Toni Bueno of Magic 89.9,
with their muse, Cesca Rivas, Managing Partner for marketing and operations.



Weekly Gig Lineup* (may change): Grass Roots Monday – SUD & Kai Honasan ; Game Changer Tuesday – Band Set & Games by Tony Toni, Jinno Rufino & Riki Flo ; Pop On The Rocks Wednesday – True Faith with guest performers ; The Grail Thursday – Wolfgang & Razorback ; Monkey Business Friday – DJ Keith Haw & Guest DJs ; Common Era Saturday – Red Ninja – Music Video launch & DJ set. *Door charges apply; guest list cut-off is 9pm. Call/Text 0917-570-3222 for table reservations.

Kap & I were invited us to the newly opened music hall & pub. It’s something different for us. Something exciting. Ergo, my “YES” was fast & furious.

The crowd the night we went consisted mostly of yuppies. BUT! Wa among paki, with my brightly colored jacket & feathered necklace, I sashayed myself in.

12 Monkeys Music Hall And Pub

5/F Century City Mall , Kalayaan Avenue, Poblacion, Makati (0917) 570-3222







The band playing that night wasn’t familiar. But what do I know about music & gigs right? ;P I just hipped, hopped, and hip pity-popped along to the music. #oldfart



Killer Chicharones 195 php. A crisp medley of crunchy hog skin, chicken tail poppers, and skin served with spiced vinegar and spiced ketchup.


Cesca Pop. Crispy fries topped with golden shrimp popcorn and grilled lemon and served with cocktail sauce. New offering, no price yet.


Spam Fries 290 php. Thick slabs of fried Spam tempura style and served with honey mustard, cumin ketchup, and kimchi mayo.


Thai Beef Salad. Tender tamarind beef fillet, cucumber, tomatoes, radish, toasted peanuts and mixed salad greens drizzled with a tart chili lime dressing. New offering, no price yet.


Laksa Lomi. A creative and playful blend of the classic lomi with fiery laksa flavors, with thick red curry coconut broth served with squid balls, white shrimps, crisp fried pork belly and lomi noodles. New offering, no price yet.


The Sisig Tribute 320 php. Crispy pork sisig, garlic mayonnaise, quail eggs, mozzarella.


Ivan’s Palabok Pizza 350 php. Shrimp sauce, calamari, boiled egg, chicharon, grilled shrimps, white goat cheese.


After Hours Goto Special 285 php. Rice porridge, beef tripe, garlic flakes, century egg, pork floss, candied dilis, green onions, tofu, fried.


When mixed, it becomes like this. I was like *WHOA blown away. This is not your ordinary Goto! <3


12 Treasures Claypot Rice 365 php. Chicken, Chinese sausage, pork ribs, shiitake mushrooms, bok choi, black rice.


Barbecue Feast 780 php. Pork spare ribs, pork skewer, chicken barbeque wings, coleslaw, potato salad, java rice.

They wanted to keep giving us more, but believe me when I say that even I, the queen of foodies, waved the white flag. We were all bursting at the seams. Our waiter smirked. He said we were the first ever to say ENOUGH WITH THE FOOD! ;))

But because we didn’t want to appear as woosies, we said yes to dessert. We were representing the foodie sector after all. #NoShame


Chunky Monkey Pie 290 php. Cream-filled banana cream pie, chunky peanut butter, crushed peanut brittle. AND Sticky Pudding 285 php. Banana walnut bread pudding, butter toffee sauce, double dutch ice cream.

To see a full & complete list of menu, CLICK HERE. 

The names are really fun & quirky, do give it a once over. ;)



Cheers to the good life. And cheers to why I will never get to my FHM sexy goal. #KissItGoodbye


Sweet Monkeys (yellow) 250 php, Very Berries (pink) 250 php, and Ivan’s Secret (green) 250 php.


I just really have to commend Chef NEIL MANUEL for a job well done. I wasn’t expecting much in terms of food when Joei invited us for dinner & drinks because Bar Chows are you know.. Bar Chows! :P But Neil really outdid my expectations & gave us a pleasant surprise by coming up with really GREAT “off the box” food! <3



12 Monkeys Music Hall & Pub is open Tuesdays to Sundays, and features live bands of different genres, from young up and coming indie acts to celebrated rock bands.

I asked our server & found out that Door Charge is 200-500 php depending on the band playing that night. This is NON-CONSUMABLE. The tables (like the one we occupied) costs between 6-8k, unlimited time, and consumable. The couch up front costs 15k & seats 10-12 pax. Also unlimited time & consumable.

12 Monkeys is open from Mondays to Saturdays from 6PM – 1AM, and closed on Saturdays. To tag on Instagram, type: @12monkeysph #12monkeys #12monkeysph#12monkeysmusichallandpub

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