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Note: The succeeding posts are scheduled posts from before, meaning I wrote them ahead of time & have scheduled and spaced them apart so I will have a blog post published at least 3x/week. I have scheduled posts until the 1st week of December. At the moment, my heart isn’t into blogging as my mom is in the ICU & all inspiration to be jolly and witty has left me. So forgive me if it might take a while to get back to my groove, depending on the outcome of my mom’s general health. I am on the brink of depression for now, and so physically, emotionally & mentally drained. I pray for your continued prayers for me & my family. I thank you all for the well wishes & messages. Please know that I appreciate your kindness -more than you’ll ever know. <3

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So. After the Love-me-like-you-do-luh-luh-Love-me-like-you-do LSS (last song syndrome) I had for over a week after attending a WEDDING, we attended another exchange of “I Do’s” of a relative. This time around it was Kap’s niece’s getting hitched. Thankfully, they chose another song or I would have had another bout of LSS. :P

I think Kap was more excited in the days leading to the event than the Bride & Groom themselves because reception was being held at Gloria Maris Greenhills. He was practically drooling just thinking of the chinese lauriat that will be served.

Me: Honey, masyado ka namang excited. Eh baka kasing-kunat mo yung pinsan mo. Walang crabs at kalapati. Chopsuey lang makain natin, magmumukmok talaga ako! (what a brat, right!) #AminadoNamanSorryNa

Kap: Hindi yan. Ako ang bahala. Sigurado yung masarap ang pipiliin nila.

Me: Siguraduhin mo ha. Kasi iisang dugo ang nananalaytay sa ugat nyo. Dugong makunat. Baka nganga lang ang abutin natin. Traffic pa naman, maiwan nalang ako sa bahay.

Kap: Wag ka mag-alala Sweetheart. Sagot kita. Yung garter na pantalon suotin mo hindi ako mapapahiya sayo. Sama ka na.

Eh di sumama nga..

PicMonkey Collage1

The invite says strictly formal. But we know there’s a Filipino way of formal.. and then there’s a chinese way. So formal na formal na yang suot namin hehe. At wew I just noticed, terno pa pala kami ni MIL. Maroon 5! Si Kap: Torn between two loves.. feeling like a fool.. Lovin’ both of you is breaking all the rules. Lol. #HisCousinsWedding #SiAidaOSiLorna #TheWinnerTakesItAll (syempre naman ako ang winner diba)! PS – Notice my gartered pants, lol!


PicMonkey Collage4

In lieu of a traditional giveaway, a candy buffet spread was prepared by the entrance for guests to fill their bags with. May sugar police akong kasama. Skip. :|


PicMonkey Collage2

Hindi naghihimutok na red. Modern chinese, I noted.



The happy bride & groom. Best wishes & congratulations! <3 Like the shower of confetti, may your life together be filled with much blessings.


PicMonkey Collage3

Upon sitting, I checked out our menu. Yay! Buti nalang nag-gartered pants nga ako! ;))

Gloria Maris

Greenhills Shopping Complex, Club Filipino Ave., Greenhills, San Juan (02) 570-0913


At dahil si MIL ang pinaka-senior sa mesa, I got first dibs on taking food pics since everyone kept circling the dishes served towards her, in deference, as they came! \m/ (Ako lang yata ang walang deference, trololol!)




He heard the click.. “Kap: Sweetheart, tsini-chismis mo na naman ako ha!” And because he knows I will make never-ending kiaw-kiaw, he always gives me food first. Then MIL, then the rest of the old ladies within his reach. Tapos paikutin nya muna ang table bago sya kukuha ng para sa kanyaAng gentleman talaga ng asawa ko diba. And yes again, he knows the hierarchy. Very good husband! *insert clap here* :P Remember wives (AND HUSBANDS!), once married, your first priority is your spouse. Not your parents anymore. Honor them sure, but prioritize the spouse. Etiquette for Spouses by Jane Go!






PicMonkey Collage6

(Insert the 5th of 10 wee-wee breaks here by MIL. Syempre kailangang samahan ko each & every time for TEN times! Eh puro kamag-anak kaya nya ang ka-table ko! :P When she asked for another drink after her 8th wee-wee break, hindi na ako nakapag-pigil.. “Ma! Malayo pa ang uuwian natin. Walang CR na dadaanan. Wag ka na uminom.” (Baaaaad DIL) #StressSaChest Buti nalang dumating na ang kalapati at crabs ko. Pampa-lamig ng ulo.. :P







Again, Congratulations & Best Wishes to the newlyweds Aaron & Crystel! And thank you for making me belly happy & belly full! :-*


Zhù nĭ men. Xīang jìng rú bīn. Xīn xīn xīang yìn. Huā hăo yuè yuán. Băi nián hăo hé. (May you respect each other like honored guests. May you always see heart to heart. May fragrant flowers bloom and full moon shine over your life together. and May your joy and happiness be forevermore.)

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