A Wing to Fly!!!

Yesterday, my Honey went to a meeting, so the kids & I were free to go wherever we wanted. The problem is, I really cannot remember routes. As in!!! @_@

I can go to a specific place a million times & still not memorize the way! Even around our village I still get lost, promise!! ;P

Back in college, I had 2 bffs who were my GPS! I would drive to SM edsa or greenhills & they will lead the way. After I took them home, I would always get lost going back so I’d focus on a jeep going my direction & follow it to get home safely!

So, going back to yesterday, the kids were sick & tired of our usual hang-outs. They wanted to go beyond my safety zone!! I was hesitant because it involved the highway (with many exits!).. and I absolutely HATE those ten-wheelers & crazy drivers who think they own the road!

Off we went, this time with my son being my GPS! (Yes, my 2 girls are like me.. lalo na si ate. No sense of direction AT ALL!) We went to Serendra. My babyson wanted to try out his brand new credit card, gusto agad gasgasin! ;P So we ate at brazil! brazil! and finally nabinyagan na his card.

My baby son’s sparkling new credit card!
I think I might be in serious trouble after it’s activation hehe!!! :))
My partners-in-crime! :))
Enjoying our lunch.

After our filling lunch, the kids did some retail therapy. Pagkakataon nila coz their makunat Dad wasn’t with us! ;P

Walking back to the car while the sun was still up (I didn’t want to drive at night in the highway!), the kids were seriously discussing where our next adventure will be. Aba nawili!!!, :)) They are now planning on having me drive them to tagaytay, greenbelt & even megamall for their favorite store, hehe!

The kids gave me loud claps & hoots when we got home, cheering me on my new “freedom”! I may not have two wings to fly (because I still needed my son as GPS -so he was my other wing), but it felt great not needing a driver or my Honey to drive me around! How liberating!!!

Cheers to my new wing!!! Hopefully I can claim 2 before I turn 80!!! ;P

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