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A very Merry LV Surprise!

I woke up to such a beautiful surprise today. The girls couldn’t contain their excitement anymore & made me open my christmas present the moment they saw my eyes open. So forgive my troll hair, kilayless, puffy-eyed appearance. Pati lipstick at mumog wala homaygas!!! ;))

My girls are really the sweetest. They always manage to put a smile on my face. All my 3 kids love me equally but it’s always the girls who go the extra mile to make my heart sing with their thoughtfulness & generosity. Grabe maka-spoil! <3

This morning, they gave me this..

They concealed my real gift inside coz they know I snoop a lot haha! Pati si Jela nakiki-epal! :P

But what’s really inside is THISSSS!!!

A new murakami LV wallet in PINK!!! <3 I DIE!!!

Must. Not. Cry. May muta pa!!

and it’s personalized with my initials too!!! <3

and ate printed this out coz she doesn’t have $1,000,000.00 to give me hahaha! :P

I love the smell of NEW genuine leather GAAHHHH!!! <3

I already transferred everything from my old wallet to my new one. LHAV!!! <3

Out with the old, In with the new! :P

And my new wallet matches my favorite handy bag! <3

Sneaky ate asked her good friend Patrick who was a sales associate at LV to help her with the purchase of my christmas gift.

And she helped stamp my initials. The more special my new wallet is to me! <3

Thank you SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much my babies!! <3 You guys are so broke already, spending all your money on Mommy! :'(( Kawawa. But I really appreciate your gift and your love & devotion for me. I’m really the luckiest, most blessed mom in the whole wide world!!

PS: Goodbye baby Hill. Jack & Jill, your mommy, & the GO-ppets will miss you very much. But your new mommy loves & adores you. And you have a brand new family to love & play with. Love long Hill. See you around! :-*
Hill at 2 months. How big he’s grown!
Ready to leave the doghouse with his new mommy Mich & Daddy Ron! <3
We will surely miss you!
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