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A Steakhouse, Acacia Hotel. My Big Birthday Blowout! (Part 1)

Because Acacia Hotel is just around the corner, my family & I have never stayed overnight as our home is but a stone’s throw away. (Mej malakas na hagis lang ha. Pag mahina hindi aabot). So when an opportunity came up for a staycation smack right on my birthday weekend, I was too happy to let the opportunity pass. The GOppets LOVE staycations. Even if it’s just right at our own “back yard”. There’s something about the uber cool air-conditioned rooms, the soft, scented duvets, GREAT FOOD, and impeccable service that’s makes you feel sated & relaxed each time. Exactly how it should be on one’s birthday don’t you agree?

We started my day with a yummy birthday lunch. STEAK! And with that, my birthday started out the way I imagined it to be! <3 Surrounded with people who love me and things that I love, like food -and drinks -and more food! :P

A Steakhouse, Acacia Hotel Manila

5400 East Asia Dr cor Commerce Ave., Alabang, Muntinlupa (02) 720-2000

As you well know, we are a carnivorous family so steak definitely meant happiness for the fambam. Celebrating my birthday lunch at Acacia Hotel’s AUSTRALIAN STEAKHOUSE is practically a dream come true! <3



PicMonkey Collage1

My funny valentine. One rose for each year of my life. He is celebrating ME! <3 Haba ng hair ko!



Complimentary Amuse Bouche.



My Creamy Lobster Bisque 250 php. Rich, smooth & creamy bisque made of fresh lobster meat.



Acacia’s French Onion 180 php. Homemade beef broth with caramelised onions, melted gruyere, and crisp golden croutons.



Gambas 450 php. Fresh shrimps sauteed in extra virgin olive oil, garlic, and asian chili.



Oysters Rockefeller 380 php. Plump fresh oysters topped with spinach & hollandaise sauce baked to golden brown.



USDA Prime T-Bone Steak 400g. 2950 php.



USDA Prime Grilled Lamb Chops 200g. 950 php. Rosemary and Garlic infused Australian Rack of Lamb with Mashed Potatoes, Spinaci alla Genovese, Caramelized Onion and Goat Cheese with Mint Jelly.



USDA Prime Grilled Rib Eye Steak 240g. 1,650 php.



Because Kap cannot eat properly without rice! :P



It was a blessing in disguise that my birthday fell on a weekday as I was able to treat the mudras. My babyson & my Lovey were stuck in school so I had 2 extra seats for lunch. <3



Ate gets embarrassed every single time I call attention to myself haha. Look at that face! :P



The A Steakhouse staff were so nice to sing me a birthday song complete with a very yummy chocolate cake. ALL MINE. <3


PicMonkey Collage44

And speaking of Ate. Wow, what a birthday greeting! @_@ Maganda na sana eh..

Anyway, of course having a birthday cake didn’t stop me from sampling other cakes. It’s my birthday so I get to have ALL my cakes.. and eat ’em too! ‘;)


Oreo Mud Pie 150 php. Crushed Oreo Cookies filled with Vanilla Ice Cream, drizzled with Chocolate syrup & Almond flakes.



Bread & Butter Pudding 150 php. Fluffy & light bread pudding with jus the right taste of sweetness.



Apple Pie ala Mode 180 php. Freshly baked warm apple pie with vanilla ice cream.



A Steakhouse Chocolate Cake 170 php. Moist chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream icing.



New York Style Cheesecake 180 php. Acacia’s own version of cheesecake with graham crust topped with a rich creamy filling.

Thank you so much Acacia Hotel & Marla Mendoza for a very meaty lunch for me, my family, and especially my friends. It’s not often that they come to the South so this is one epic meal we won’t forget for a very long time! <3


I was very happy to have spent my birthday lunch with people nearest & dearest to my heart. The GOppets, the mudras, and my KTG foodie fambam: The Bossman, Mr. & Mrs. Tales from The Tummy, Mr. Pickiest Eater & Ms. Rina’s Rainbow, Mr. & Mrs. Food Alphabet, And the Dreyfuses.

I’m sure you already know what KTG stands for. After all that eating, it was NAP TIME! Checking in was a breeze thanks to the competent & friendly team of Acacia Hotel. Up next!

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