A Parisian Lunch

My mommy friend Reg is probably the most ma-effort person I know, Well, her & Ria. Equal sila when it comes to ka-effortan! :) Hindi kinaya ng powers ko ang level nila! :P

My very gorgeous, very giving, very generous mommy friend, Regine. <3
Last thanksgiving, look at what lengths she went to for her ladies’ lunch with her lucky chosen guests:
Yes. These are all HER things. She brought all these to the cafe.
with matching sosi loot bags!

Regine, or Reg as we fondly call her (sometimes Gorgeous), invited me to her 40th birthday gathering last friday. However, I had my very own (little) party that night as well, so I had to sadly beg off. 2 more mommy friends also had “gigs” that day so the three of us missed her bonggels 40th birthday party.

Mega yummy treats for her select guests!
Reg was so sweet & thoughtful (and very generous!) to invite us to a Parisian lunch at Le Petit Cheri yesterday since we missed her big 4-0 celebration. And who are we to say NO to such kindness? <3
Honestly, my first dining experience at LPC was not that good. My 2 other mommy friends also said the exact same thing. Yes, the place is really grandiose & beautiful there’s no mistaking that. But the food, or what we had at least, didn’t reach my expectations at all. But I chalked it up to them being new on the block. I was really excited to give this parisian resto another try. :)

When I got there, Reg was on the floor busy setting up our little cozy nook..

She was busily arranging our cozy little nook with the things she brought from her house.
Reg is really so sweet! <3
With her are the owner & 2 julalays of the owner haha..
With the very accommodating, very nice owner Ms. EDNA CUREG
This is just a side business for her.
She is also a Director & Corporate Treasurer of UNITED GRAPHIC.

Edna is really so nice & friendly that I was hesitant to give the place a “not very good review”.
But I call it as I see it. </3

Our lovely table arrangement.
I told you. Totally ma-effort! :)
Reg always has giveaways. Always. <3
Our little Parisian Corner. 
Our appetizer. Loved loved loved their eensy weensy smoked Salmon.
I ate the other ladies’ smoked salmon pieces as well haha! Eh ayaw nila! :P
Onion Soup. Like the last time we went, WINNER sya! <3
Faye & Rica’s Cordon Bleu
My Beef Stew.
Matigas. :( 
Reg’s Fried Fish.
With my 3 beautiful lunch dates (and our askew berets haha)! <3 
Our dessert plate. Red velvet! <3

I treasure every moment I have with the lovely ladies. And I truly thank God for the opportunity & luxury of time that I have on my hands to do what I want freely. I wouldn’t choose or have my life any other way. I love being a stay at home mom & spending every waking moment with the hubby & the kids. That is my ultimate fulfillment. :)

PS: And again, because we are SUCH bottomless pits! ;)) Faye & I took our lovely girls to Larcy’s (yes.. THERE AGAIN!) for a light snack & girl bonding..

Ahhhh… the sweet life! <3
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