A Mexican Chinese New Year

Hahaha IKR! There’s something wrong with the title? My hunny’s other tennis group decided on a mexican themed dinner on the eve of Chinese New Year! ;)) Wala lang, para ma-iba?

He came home last week & told me we will be attending a mexican-themed dinner, & that I should be wearing something mexican. Wala akong poncho. Wala rin akong sombrero. At lalong wala akong mexican chihuahua pang-props. So I chose the next best thing, a blouse that looked somewhat mexican, and my colorful beads.

Imagine my surprise when upon our arrival, my hostess asked me why I wasn’t in red! MEN! @_@ Moral lesson of the story? Never believe your husband. Check with your hostess instead! It’s a good thing I didn’t make a real effort for the mexican get-up. Muntik ko nang gupitin at suotin yung kumot ni yaya!

The chow:

I brought 2 plates of taco mix & shells.
Candy brought this AMAZING 4-layered nacho dip.
She promised to give me her recipe. I shall ask for her permission to share with you.
I promise, SUPER YUMMY! <3
Ate Marita brought this Crunchy Beef Enchilada 

and another Mexican Salad Mix. Yum! <3
Joyce brought Chili Con Carne
and our hostess Margo made the steak filling..
and cheese for the quesadillas.
Tasha brought Blueberry Cheesecake..
and home-made Bread pudding. 
This was my favorite dessert of the night! <3
I wonder where it’s from? I didn’t get to look at the name, sayang.
Marie brought this sinful & gooey chocolate dessert.

I thing I learned that night is mexican food is way too heavy on the tummy, my goodness! beans+beans+beans = mrs. fart-a-lot! ;P

The peeps:

The distinguished gentlemen of the tennis court! :P
Talking about what else! Eh di tennis pa rin, hay
All tennis ladies save for 2. Isa na ako doon! :P
I was happy to meet new faces & make new friends. 
Hay. Buti na lang my hunny bun takes me to his tennis soirees.
If not, puro kiddie table lang ang mauupuan ko! :P

You know what’s funny? People have been greeting us left & right a happy chinese new year. We don’t even celebrate it haha. We don’t have tikoy, we don’t have kiat kiat. We didn’t even know when chinese new year was! :P

Oh well, another reason to start over the new resolutions! ;) Happy New Year.. again! And thank you so much Pete & Margo for opening your beautiful home to us & gathering us together to celebrate friendship. :-*

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