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A Madeline-inspired French Birthday Party!

Kap’s tennis buds Bob & Marie’s new bundle of joy has finally been delivered by the stork after many years of expectations & longing! To celebrate their daughter’s 1st birthday, the power couple went all out & held a Madeline french-themed party at the Mindanao Ballroom of The Sofitel Hotel, Manila a couple of weeks ago. Everything was, of course, Le French! ;)


Sa totoo lang, mas pinagkagulahan naming oldies itong mga floral hairbands kesa ng mga bata. Wa sila care. I was wearing mine the whole time I was watching the magic show & munching on my matching pink mallows! :P


See??? ;)) This photo belongs to Joyce.



Bea is SUCH a cute baby & looks a lot like her pops. Daddy’s girl ito, sigurado! ;)


I was glad we got there early so I was able to inspect every nook & take photos. I love the pastel & dainty decor. Good job, mommy! \m/


Even the little chairs were so dainty & classy. None of those stackable plastic type.


Bea even has her own patisserie! *insert googly eyes here




To my shame, I pounced on the patisserie with glee! <3 Nasobrahan yata.


Too bad I was too old for a loot bag! :P I’m sure all the kids were delighted with what’s inside. Mommy Marie really did right by Bea! <3




To be fair, I wasn’t the only one enjoying the party! Nagpa-photo op talaga si Kap. He fancied seeing the man on stilts. Gusto pa nyang mag-lembo rock at dumaan sa ilalim. Sabi ko please lang, huwag na. @_@

PicMonkey Collage

I don’t think we will be invited again to a kiddie party anytime soon. We were #1 & #2 in the line for face painting hahaha! #whatisbuenamano


Say hello to Mr. & Mrs. Minion! Loveteam forever! ;P


To my relief, a couple more old farts joined in on the fun. Oldies vs. Kiddies. Guess who won! ;)


To show that it’s really been a while since we attended a kiddie party, we were so amused with this multi-taking guy. He shoots, he downloads, he prints. Voila! Instant souvenir. Ang abilidad ng Pinoy ha. Onli in da Pilipins! ;)


It’s been quite a while since we last attended a 1st birthday party, gosh. Lately it’s all been debuts given by our contemporaries (read: age group) for their daughters. This refreshing baby party central certainly brought back lots of happy memories when my kids celebrated their own 1st birthdays..


Ate’s first birthday & dedication at the ballroom of the Makati Shangri La, Manila complete with the biggest cake ever with a rotating merry-go-round, Ice carving buffet centrepiece, balloon arches and mascots.


My babyson’s 1st birthday & dedication at the ballroom of the Heritage Hotel which was so in & popular back in ’97 (which sadly I can’t say so now) complete also with all the trimmings that would make any child happy.



And finally, my Lovey’s 1st birthday & dedication at the ballroom of The Sofitel Manila (Philippine Plaza back then) 3x grander because I have learned a lot in the 5 year span that we have had kids & all the parties we have given & attended in between. Sa kanya ang pinaka-bongga complete with a circus act!

I really applaud Bob & Marie for pulling off a great 1st birthday party. You could really tell that their belle fille Beatrice, is well-loved & adored by the tiny little details & huge effort they have put into making their princess’ 1st party a success. No expense was spared. You can tell that Beatrice is going to be one spoiled & happy girl. :)


The invite was for merienda cena so most of the spread was finger food. My kind of spread!




These yummy faces were begging to be eaten, I tell you.






My happy plate. <3 I really felt like a kid again. How I wish there are more kiddie parties to attend in the very near future. It’s so refreshing.


Seeing the very cute Bea in her parents’  arms make me wanna have another baby girl of my own to cuddle. Almost. The thought of all-nighters & diaper changes brings me back to my senses & I’m thankful for the stage we are in now. Life for me is easy peasy. Maybe I’ll just borrow the adorable little Beatrice from time to time.. that is IF I can pry her off her parent’s arms.

Joyeux anniversaries dear Beatrice! <3 God certainly gave you the best gift when he chose the perfect parents for you. You are SO loved!




And thank you Bob & Marie for such a relaxing & fun afternoon! Here’s to many happy & fulfilling years of parenthood! <3


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