A Brand New Year!

A brand new year, a fresh new start. 2014 had been mostly good, but I’m hoping that 2015 will be really great. Super, even!

So many things are in store this brand new year for the GOppets.

– My Babyson is going to college mid year! I will now have two college kids on my hand. I feel so ancient! :P


His high school graduation picture. Time flies!

– It’s Ate’s 4th year in college this June! It wasn’t so long ago that I was anxious with her beginning a new chapter in her life, but she has breezed right through it with flying colors. Meeting new people & making new friends along the way. Building new bridges. I am so proud of her.

– My Lovey will be, for the first time, the “only child” in her school. She has always had her ate or kuya with her so I never worried about her being on her own. But she has proved to be quite independent. Certainly not a baby anymore at 15. She has matured in so many aspects these past 2 years that I have transferred her. I can only wish her many more FUNtabulous things ahead. To be young, wild, and free!

– My kids are turning 16, 18, and 21 respectively! All milestones. And I’m hoping to give them a big, fun, joint celebration!

– I slipped in my diet the last part of 2014. So I’m vowing to get back on track this 2015. It’s gonna be hard. But I wanna live to see the end of another year. Plus, I can feel the weight of the world on my poor knees boohoo! So TODAY is the real first day when I take eating healthy seriously again. #sabayeskwela So help me GOD!

– I’m hoping that THIS YEAR IS THE YEAR for the realization of my dreams. I want so many things for my kids. To build them a good & solid future, leave them a legacy. And only 1 thing is standing in my way. I’m crossing all fingers & toes that God will answer this particular prayer so we can all prepare for a brighter tomorrow.

– We haven’t travelled for the longest time. IF my fervent wish comes true, there is nothing more I’d like to do than travel the world with the GOppets. First destination, backpack our way through Japan. Pati kasulok-sulukan. Please Lord, make it happen! Let this year be THE year for all thing amazing. <3

Goodbye 2014..


Wishing you all a NEW YEAR that’s sparkling with fun! Bursting with joy! and Crackling with laughter! From our home to yours, a healthy & prosperous 2015. May God’s blessings fill us all this new year!


CHEERS TO 2015! \m/

Hello 2015!


Ok Let’s Go! Rain or shine, we’re so ready for 2015! Wearing the belt of truth, breastplate of righteousness, my boots with readiness, the shield of faith, my helmet of salvation, and sword of the Holy Spirit (Ephesians 6:10-18). Lead the way God, and we will follow. Praying for a Shining Shimmering Splendid 2015! PS: Thank you ate for lending me your bota pang USTe baha!


First order of business for 2015.. a very very late MEXICAN brunch! Burrito, enchilada, corn salad, churros. Coz the GOppets vow to experience more of life this new year. Hopefully more adventures, more excitement, more ganap! Lezzgo 2015! Be kind to us all please!



The GOppets have started a new tradition. Last year the kids clamored to go to Tagaytay for a cold-weather dinner. It was REALLY cold. Not freezing, but chilly. The painful kind where your knees knock together & your teeth chatter. Enjoy sila sa ganon. So they asked to do the same again this year..

PicMonkey Collage2

We wanted to have steak but it was a 2-hour wait at the Highlands steakhouse. Everyone obviously had the same idea. :P So we settled for the Giant Boneless Bangus at the Midlands Golf Club. The area was Al Fresco so we were really feeling the Tagaytay cold. The midlands Golf Club is situated amidst a dense forest 1,000 feet above Taal Lake & has a breathtaking view which we enjoyed immensely.


PicMonkey Collage3

Good thing the kids went prepared. But their jackets were no match for the cold. It was really Brrrrr & we were all sneezing like crazy, lels!

PicMonkey Collage1

The cold weather called for a sinigang broth to keep us warm. <3

PicMonkey Collage4

My babyson’s teeth were chattering so bad that I gave him a bit of warmth. My extra fats came in handy. :P


The kids wanted to bowl to shake off the cold, but all the lanes were occupied. Too bad coz it was disco bowling night too!


So the freezing GOppets had ice cream instead. Oh the irony of it all!


I’d say it was a pretty good day. A great start even. FaMEALy meals the whole day to start the year right. <3

Screen Shot 2015-01-03 at 8.34.06 PM

A Prayer for the New Year

What shall I ask for the coming year
What shall my watchword be
What should thou do for me, dear Lord
What can I do for thee?

Lord, I would ask for a holy year
Spent in thy perfect will
Help me to walk in thy very steps
Help me to please thee still.

Lord, I would ask for a trustful year
Give me thy faith divine
Taking my full inheritance
Making thy fulness mine!

Lord, I would ask for a year of love
O let me love thee best
Give me the love that faileth not
Beneath the hardest test.

Lord, I would ask for a year of prayer
Teach me to walk with thee
Breathe in my heart the Spirit’s prayer
Pray thou thy prayer in me!

Lord, I would ask for the dying world
Stretch forth thy mighty hand
Thy truth proclaim, thy power display
This year in every land.

Lord, I would ask for a year of joy
Thy peace, thy joy divine
Springing undimmed through all the days
Be thy days of shade or shine.

Lord, I ask for a year of hope
Looking for thee to come
And hastening on that year of years
That brings us home to you.

-Author Unknown-


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