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7D at Enchanted Kingdom

I was wracking my brain trying to think of a way to entertain my guests for our 3-day staycation at The Bellevue Manila. Then I remembered Enchanted Kingdom had a new 7D ride opening soon! So I immediately contacted our family friend RINO (who understandably wishes to remain anonymous) & he so generously gave me and my guests ALL-DAY PASSES WITH MEALS! I am SO blessed to have such generous & giving friends! <3



EK New


I was sooooo excited to take my friends to Enchanted Kingdom since they will all be coming from the north, and what better time for them to visit the Theme Park than during our 3-day staycation -so there won’t be a need to rush back for the 2-hour drive home up North.

After a heavy buffet lunch at THE BELLEVUE HOTEL’s CAFE D’ASIE on a peaceful Saturday to keep us energized all afternoon long, we hied off to Laguna to see this new 7D attraction. LEE VILLARAZA, Guest Relations Officer of Enchanted Kingdom, was so kind to take us around & answer all our questions..




Outside the RIALTO THEATER while waiting for our turn. The wait is a bit long since one wave can only accommodate 14 people. So make sure you bring a fan as the air-conditioned waiting room inside can be a bit stuffy & stifling due to a big number of people waiting in line.



Long lines are always bearable when you have crazy friends to keep you company! <3

photo 1

How people inside look hahaha!

photo 2


The new 7D attraction has sounds & motion plus a whole lot of other actions thrown in there. Believe me when I say I was scared SHITLESS with the zombie run!


My 2-gun toting protector & hero. Making sure he kills each one of the walking dead! :P Problem is, he shot ME!


If only we weren’t too full from our heavy lunch, I would have attempted this ride. Besides, having the bloggers along, mahirap na what pictures will come out! :P


photo 3

I love this family picture. Can you spot us? YES MGA ANAK! We will always be your shadows wherever you go! #walangkawala :P


The kids were also too sissy for the other rides & attractions so they just rode the FLYING FIESTA.



I wanted stuffed toys. Giant ones. By hook or by crook. Too bad we weren’t so lucky!












On a final attempt to still win something.. ANYTHING for his mommah, my babyson tries this death-defying climb, lels! ;))



Still an epic fail! :P Do people really win these things as prizes???


To refuel for our trip home, Enchanted Kingdom fed us so many things from salad, to chimichangas, to burgers, to baby back ribs! Thank you Enchanted Kingdom for your generosity! ;-*






We had so much food left for take home!


cphoto 5

Walking hand in had towards the sunset.. literally & figuratively. <3 Thank you Honey for our life adventures.


Thank you so much RINO & ENCHANTED KINGDOM for having all of us. We had a grand & jolly time. Expect us to be back for another hair-raising adventures on your latest attractions! :-*

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