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Genki Sushi

Malapit naaaaaa!!! One more month and then some at lilipad na kamiiiii!! <3 Can you tell how excited I am? It’s been exactly 22 years since we were in Europe for our honeymoon, and now we’ll have the kids in tow. Ano na kaya ang hitsura? Malaki na kaya ang pinagbago? SO EXCITED, I tell ya!

This also marks our 30th anniversary, so I’m hoping Kap & I can renew our vows in Euro Disney! I’m asking Ate if she can take a test online in order to be a legit minister for our Disney wedding haha. Pwede kaya?

Anyway, puttering around in search of our luggages to air them out, I noticed just how ANCIENT our maletas are! As in nung hindi pa hard case ang uso haha. :P Kap & I bought them for our honeymoon, so yeah, prehistoric age pa talaga. I decided that new luggages were in order for our trip ahead! We went to Rimowa to window shop. Ang nakakaakot sa window shopping when I’m with my girls, nagiging totoong shopping! @_@


G/F Newport Mall, Resorts World Manila (+632) 659 3558


Rimowa offers the finest quality aluminum suitcases and durable lightweight luggages made with high-tech polycarbonates, with a 5-year guarantee on locks, fittings and castors. Series of luggages: » Salsa Air » Salsa Deluxe » Salsa » Bolero » Limbo » Topas » Topas Titanium » Topas Stealth » Silver Integral » Classic Flight » Pilot » Attache

With our brand new luggages safely ensconced in the car trunk, we went to have lunch at Genki Sushi in BGC. We’ve been meaning to try out Genki Sushi for the cute food delivery system via a conveyor belt, we finally got the chance that day, yay! \m/

Genki Sushi

2/F Bonifacio Stopover, Rizal Drive corner 31st Street, BGC Taguig (02) 6242867


My first time at Bonifacio Stopover, too bad it’s all eating & no window shopping in this mall. Or is there? Mej nakakasuya.


The place has a fast food vibe but the price – not so. @_@


I have to give 2 thumbs up for cleanliness & speed of service though.


Dining at Genki Sushi means never having to say.. “Boss, menu please”. ;)


Daughters had a fun time ordering. Lovey: What should I order Mommy? Me: All of the above anak. We’re hungry eh. Ate: No mom, stop it. Pumili ka lang ng isa! #whatispanira


2,280 for a party of three. Nadagdagan pa coz the servings are really small.


How would you like your green tea, hot or cold? Genki Sushi offers unlimited Green Tea beverage. And for dessert, why not order Green Tea Ice Cream to satisfy your green tea fascination.


What got us heading over to Genki Sushi, the SUSHI TRAIN. Choo-chooooo! <3


Astroboy came next, bearing gifts! <3


TBH, nothing spectacular with the food. You can probs get there someplace cheaper. But the mode of delivery? 100%! <3


Anyway, if my girls are happy, mommah bear is doubly happy. ;)


For dessert, we had tiramisu.. tiramoko. :P


Again, nothing spectacular. Natuwa lang ako talaga kay Astroboy!

Choo-chooooo! Makasakay din kaya ako sa train on our vacay? I wonder what the kids have in store for us. Sila ang taga-plano, hanggang kaskas lang ako ng card. Sabi nga ng master card, for everything else.. there’s.. JANA! ;))

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