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Ms. Piggy’s nth Birthday

Like most things, celebrations in the GOppets household also come in threes. <3 For my 2016 birthday, the first was an intimate lunch at INAGIKU for just the Voltes 5. ;)) Then a family dinner with the mudras at APPLEBEES, and finally a dinner with the extended family at MANAM‘s the next day. Ang saya-saya ng weekend! Sana birthday ko araw-araw.

A few days before my birthday, thoughtful gifts from my children started trickling in. I am like a child, and I just LOVE receiving gifts! So the kids know how to space them apart thereby giving me something to open & gush about in stages. I feel so loved, more by the sweet thought & planning that they put into the surprise. Ok fine, also with the material things that come with it haha! :P


Because I don’t wanna spend on unnecessary things like nail polish, my baby girl bought me the 2 OPI nail colors I’d been eyeing! Rose Quartz & Serenity for love & peace. ;)



And a Gift Certificate for a Maniped & spa treatment at Nail Tropics. How sweet & thoughtful! <3



Because it would be more fun having her along, I also treated her to one so we can chillax & get pampered together. Thank you Bae for my relaxing treat! :-*



The gift certificate my Lovey got for me allowed me to choose from any of the services available. For the manicure spa I chose the Citrus Breeze. For the pedicure spa I chose the Mint-o-feet. Both felt wonderful!



I love having daughters whom I enjoy spending time with. Sana pala nag-anak pa ako ng madami! :P



Rose Quartz for the hands & Serenity Blue for the feet. And now for love, peace & tranquility to envelop me. :)

A  couple of days before my birthday, Ate came home bearing gifts! So very tired but she managed to pool their resources together so she can buy my gifts on her least busy day from school before coming home. <3 I am such a lucky mommah!


I love the sourdough bread from Paul Boulangerie & Patisserie so she made sure that in lieu of a cake, it’s what I got, lol! Always watching out for my heath. Thank you Ate. :-*



This KAREN WALKER shades because I am forever on the lookout for big eyewear to cover half my face & make it appear small hehe. :P The quirky style is so perfect for me. Thank you babies!



Bagay ba? :P



Because I kept harping about not getting a bouquet on Love Day, to finally shut me up, the 3 kids got me fresh flowers from the pricey flower store, TE AMO FLORISTERIA MANILA. In 50 shades of pink too! <3


And just when I thought they were all gifted out, I get another one on the day of my birthday. Ito pala ang pambansang regalo nila! ;)) perfect fit. Every surprise that they gave came out aces!



Now Kap & I are match-matchy. Truly SOLE-mates! Don’t let the photo fool you, my feet are size 8.5! And still I’m dwarfed by Kap’s size 11. Ya know what they say about men with big feet hehe. ;)


But what touched me the most is when my 2 girls took their amah-love out on a lunch date a day before the celebration of my birthday as a “thank you” for the gift of life. Mine. :) I’m truly so blessed.


Nothing warms my heart more than seeing my mother & 2 daughters lovey-dovey. Thank you girls for taking my mom out on a date & valuing her.  For without her, where will I be. :-*

Syempre naman hindi magpapahuli ang mudrabells. She & my Bae made me a birthday cake at TOUS LES JOURS! \m/ Now this is truly special because it was made with love by my very own mother-daughter tandem. What other cake can beat that?

My blogpost on the cake decorating skillz of my loving duo, up next.


What could be better than a custom-made birthday cake from my mom & daughter?



But because she says she didn’t contribute much to the cake decorating at Tous Les Jours, she went ahead & bought me a store-made cake! Oh mommy, I really love the cake you decorated with Jena. It is THE BEST CAKE ever because it was made with L-O-V-E! :-*



Yes, even our dear old Lelly thinks so too. ;) But thank you nonetheless, Mommy.

At dahil hindi nagpahuli si Motherbells, Kap also up’d his game and got me _(secret)_ pcs, of long-stemmed red roses on the day of my birthday -one for every year of my life! Yay, he came through for me!


As I was hurriedly dressing up to take Ate for her graduation photoshoot early morning of my birthday, Kap came in our bathroom bearing a BIG bouquet of gorgeous red ROSES! \m/ Terno pa sa damit ko, lol. Sabi nga nila, kung hindi madala sa santuhang dasalan, daanin nalang sa santuhang paspasan hahaha! Nakuha rin sa parinig! Thank you my Honey. :-*



Me, my roses, and my happy cleavage hahahahaha! #bombastar


At hindi lang yun. Aba, nagmilagro na talaga! May PANDORA bracelet pang kasama! Yaaaaay! Kap promised to build up my charms starting on my recently concluded birthday & for the rest of our lives together (na sana mahaba-haba pa). We started with a silver heart clasp bracelet & a solitary cake charm as a keepsake for my 2016 birthday celebration. Can’t wait for the next occasion! Now he can just head on over to the nearest Pandora store whenever a special day arises & not be stumped on what to give me. Whyever did we not think of this earlier? We have a looooong way to go Kap, and so many charms to choose twogether. Game KNB?


Ate’s graduation photo session fell on my exact birthday. And she gave me the best gift of all when she asked the studio if I can be included in her graduation photo! Huhuhu I don’t deserve my family, they really are the best. I am beyond grateful for their love for me. :’)


Her bff, JASMIN (Jasmin B. MUA) offered to do my make-up for free as a birthday gift. So even though Ate was the star for her photoshoot & salingkit lang si mommy, I also got dolled up. :))



Jasmin does the BEST & most natural make-up, I swear. She took several courses and now does make up professionally. Do hit her up when you find the need to be prettified for any occasion. JASMIN BUENSALIDA – Make Up Artist, by appointment 0917-7951794.



Tada. O diba, nagmukhang tao ako? ;)



Ate got the basic package from the studio, then shared her poses with me so I can also be a part of her graduation photoshoot. Thank you so much Ate for always making me a part of your experience, and for always sharing your special moments with me to keep in our treasure trove of memories. I was the only mother in the studio, by special request. And my heart was swelling with love & pride that my daughter wanted me there huhu. I lovah yew Ate! :-*



All dolled up & ready to go. My bright & shining star. <3



For her last 2 poses, she beckoned me to join. Of course I readily & gamely posed. Hello, have you met me? The original camwhore, trololol! :P



All her shots were beautiful, but she can only choose 1 for the yearbook.



Whad’ya say about this shot? Nice right? <3 This one goes in the yearbook.



Her barkada for 4 solid years, through thick & thin. Thank you ladies for being kind to my baby. When she started college I was a nervous wreck, thinking she won’t have any friends. And now almost 4 years later, she has found sisters in all of you. <3

I am just so, so blessed beyond words. I can’t even! Even Richard & Irene took time off from their busy schedule to meet up & give me their very cute, very yummy gift. MY REPLICA! ;))


My oh my! 2 boxes of Ms. Piggy Decopaos! In assorted flavors of Chicken teriyaki, Pork Asado, Beef teriyaki, Custard, & Choco nutella. The first 3 are my absolute favorites! Thank you so much Richard & Irene for going through all the trouble for lil big ol me! <3 A most thoughtful & unique gift indeed.



You may order your own tasty decopaos here –> MRS. K’s DECOPAO. She can make any design you want for your siopao! \m/



There are siopaos that are lovely to look at but tastes like paste. This one I assure you, 100% in looks AND taste! \m/ I highly recommend Mrs. K’s Decopao.

Thank you for all the warm greetings & well wishes you sent my way via comments, text messages, direct messages, Facebook messages, and emails. Also the gifts that kept coming in. I really felt the love guys. <3 <3 <3


Woooooooow!! Thank you so much MARLAACACIA HOTEL MANILA for my BEAUTIFUL birthday cake. This very special cherry cheesecake was just too pretty to eat, but of course I still had a slice for the sweetest dreams. Love, love, love to my Acacia Hotel Manila family! And thank you most of all for taking the time to make a personalized MS. PIGGY birthday card. This one I’m definitely framing & hanging!



Celebrated my birthday not just for a day, but a whole week! Thank you KAI & TUS RESTAURANT for the sweetness overload! My heart was so happy with the love & thought that came with this surprise package!

Dear God. Thank You for all that has happened. For all the surprises that makes each & every day unique. Thank You for gathering up each event & drawing it into Your plan. And though I may not always understand it, I trust that Your plan is perfect, Your faithfulness forever. Allow me to take this opportunity not to ask anything from You, but to simply say THANK YOU. For all that I have. <3

Wait. Hindi pa pala tapos. May pahabol pa more from Ate! <3


Thank you Ate for being my makeup artist, my stylist, my mommy, my yaya, my everything. And thank you again & again for yet another surprise! Love this beeyootiful necklace which I will wear as soon as we buy an outfit with a very loooow neckline hahaha. I love you!! :-*


Lastly, in as much as I would like ALL of you to win my Four Seasons Hotpot Restaurant giveaway, alas, RAFFLECOPTER can only choose 1 winner. Congratualtions RODITHA YBANEZ for winning a lunch or dinner for FIVE PAX at Four Seasons Hotpot Restaurant! Please contact me on how to claim your prize.

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