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Lolas Day Out

Just think. From this..


Hawak-kamay. Di kita iiwan sa paglakbay dito sa mundong walang katiyakan. Hawak-kamay, di kita bibitawan sa paglalakbay sa mundo ng kawalan. #EMOoftheday

TO THIS! <3 In just a little over a month. Can you believe it? Her guardian angels must be working overtime, I swear. Thank you God!


SUPER GRANNY! This photo belongs to

I know you’re probably so sick & tired of me babbling about my mom’s quick recovery & great miracle, I promise hinay-hinay na ako sa susunod na mga araw. I’m just overly grateful for her great health that I can’t contain it!

Henyway, now I’m positive she’s really 100% back coz she’s SO kulit na. Hindi mapakali sa bahay, zOMG! Just the other day she said kinukulong ko daw sya. And that she’s so bored. Mag-swimming nga daw sana sya kung marunong lang just to have something to do sa bahay hahaha. See? She’s B-A-C-K! I’m just not sure if that’s a good thing or bad -for me at least, lol. :P

Every single day, I need to think of things to keep her occupied. I thought of enrolling her sa painting class. Ayaw daw nya coz she’s not artsy-fartsy. I don’t want her naman to go back to the office at baka ma-altapresyon na naman sa stress. Lalong ayaw ko siyang matutong mag-bingo at baka maubos ang pangkabuhayan showcase! Hay. So ako ang naii-stress ng bongang-bongga thinking of ways to entertain her. Buti na lang she has her squad. The other day naabutan ko silang nagsu-zumba sa kalbong sala ko with my sexy chef leading the pack hahaha. I kid you not! ;)) Can you imagine? 2 senior citizens, a nurse, and a yaya nagsu-zumba! Sayang nga at hindi ko na-video to share with you guys. That would have been a hoot!

The other week, I decided to take the BFFs to Estancia Mall in Pasig kasi sawang-sawa na sila sa malls in our area. Memorize na daw nila pati lay-out ng mga grocery stores. Naku buhay!

But first, we had lunch at Tipsy Pig in Capitol Commons.

Tipsy Pig Gastropub

U-2A, NR-2B Capitol Commons, Meralco Avenue corner Shaw Blvd., Kapitolyo, Pasig (02) 570-4620 ; (0999) 190 5698



It was a CROWDED day. Nagkasabay pa with a big group celebrating something. Ang hirap sumiksik ng mga lola sa 101 wee-wee breaks nila gosh!



Oink! :)



Kesong Poutine 320 php. Their take on poutine using local ingredients. Crispy fries, gravy and melted kesong puti. Kesong puti has little to no taste, so I found this dish rather bland even with the gravy.



Triple Chiz Fries 290 php. Had more oomph.



Belly Good Sisig Tacos 280 php. Crispy pork belly sisig-fied & wrapped in tortilla with asian soy garlic. The tortilla added a nice & unique touch to an otherwise plain sisig dish. \m/



Shrimp Popcorn 490 php. Freshly popped beer-buttered shrimps. A bit spicy, so non-spicy lovers beware. Personally, I would have loved more heat.



Crispa 420 php. Crispy Pata pizza. I actually liked this better than the..



Pulled Pork BBQ Pizza 420 php. Jack Daniels BBQ sauce, pulled pork and cheddar.



Rigatoni Pasta with Spicy Shrimp 290 php. Rigatoni, beurre blanc, tomato confit and chili marinated shrimp. Loved this. <3



Tipsy’s Boneless Crispy Pata 770 php. Boneless crispy pata, fried garlic chips, Asian soy garlic, and a homemade dipping sauce. If the pata wasn’t a clear winner, the pig platter it came with sure was! Gusto kong iuwi at gawing chopping board.



TBH, not as crispy as I had expected. Pork after all, was their supposed popular dish. Here you can actually see the flip-flopping of the skin. Makunat sya, sorry.



Kanya-kanyang care-giver sila. Big posse I know, but this means less stress for me. So it really works out fine. Kesa ako ang ma-stroke kaka-asikaso at kaka-alaga sa kanila diba! Ok na yan.



Kaya yan. Sitting pretty lang ako. Cheers to the good life with this Jumbo Peach Tipsified 390 php (split into 3). \m/



Lava Cake 220 php. Molten chocolate cake oozing with warm chocolate ganache topped with vanilla ice cream. SKIP.



Mango Pavlova 220 php. Fresh mangoes, almond slivers, whipped cream and meringue. SKIP EVEN MORE. Have dessert somewhere else.


Then a little lakad-lakad after lunch. My mom is back to her wonder woman form. Si MIL ang bumigay sa kanya at sumuko nang maglakad! ;P Every now & then I’d have them sit just outside a store to catch their breath, only to find my mom following me around like a puppy hehe. Si MIL kuntento naka-parking. Si mommy at Lelly, nakabuntot talaga sa akin. She’d look at whatever I’d take a fancy on, and also touch whatever I’d reach out to touch. We are so funneh!

PicMonkey Collage1

Our dear Lelly is now a part of a happy Trio. Every morning & afternoon when the 2 lolas would go walking around the neighborhood, Lelly would be in her stroller with her own yaya pushing her around side by side the 2 senior citizens. They are always magkakasama now. Grabe hindi ko kinaya ang power of 3! ;)) #GoldenGirls



When we go out, prusisyon na talaga. Life is presently complicated for the GOppets, trololol! Para kaming musketeers. One for all, all for one.


PicMonkey Collage2

My mom went inside M&S in search of a white blouse. She has SO MANY white blouses already. Sabi ko go colorful naman. So she got some blues & grays. Colorful ba yun? Anyway, she chose 3 new tops & also asked her BFF to try on 3 items as well. Sabay sila sa dressing room, mga nagdadalaga! Nagustuhan. Gora, buy I said. Treat daw nya. Eh paano naman ako??? Dakilang alalay na lang? :P

One thing I noticed, my mom appreciates her new lease in life. Aba, marunong nang kumain sa labas at mag-shopping! Whereas before I’d cajole her into buying nice things, ngayon, sya na ang umaarangkada sa mga store display! And she would really try EVERYTHING I’d put on her plate. Game na game syang tikman lahat. I guess that’s what near-death experience does. It gives you a new perspective.

I’m looking for charities or homes that we can visit at least 3x/week so my mom is not so bored & can put her time to good use. As a doctor, she is full of compassion & can still do some free consultations. Kahit pampalipas oras lang. Do you have any recommendations please? Malapit-lapit na akong mabaliw, pramis. SOS.


Dinadaan ko nalang sa beer! Malapit-lapit na akong maging alcohol-HIC! :P Livin’ la vida LOCA! Here’s to LIFE! <3

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