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For those of you who have been following our life story a while now, you MUST KNOW Kap’s fondness for chinese food.

Kung ako lang ang masusunod, buffet all the way because we are such a foodie bunch. And with our diversified interests, buffet is really the best solution. Mabilis pa, no waiting time. But Kap really wanted chinese food for his birthday celebration.. no surprise there! ;))

Since it was his birthday, minabuti ko nang pagbigyan. Minsan lang naman siyang masunod hehe. My only conditions were: 1) somewhere new, and 2) somewhere classy, utang na loob. We were, after all, celebrating an important occasion. The birthday of my OTL (one true love), so it called for a special lunch na hindi buy-1-take-1 lol.


Mi familia. Like branches on a tree, we all grow in different directions. Yet our roots remain as one. <3 These wonderful people are my circle of strength.. founded on faith, joined in love, and truly kept together by God.

After much deliberation, simply because Kap is that kind of guy na lahat ng aspeto iniisip ng mabuti at hawak ang calculator mag-compute (I kid you not), we finally narrowed our many, many choices & settled on Jasmine at New World Hotel Makati.

Back in the days na hindi pa madaming hotel ang may buffet, and back in the days na hindi pa gaanong kuripot si Kap my Kap (pre-babyson), we would always go on dinner dates at Cafe 1228, the buffet resto at New World Hotel Makati.

In fact it was Ate who reminded me she had quite a vast collection of stuffed toys that came with the drink of the month. :) Yun kasi ang laging pasalubong ko sa kanya after my date with Kap.

Jasmine, New World Makati Hotel

2/F New World Makati Hotel, Esperanza St. corner Makati Avenue, San Lorenzo, Makati (02) 811-6888 loc. 3338


Jasmine, New World Makati Hotel’s Chinese restaurant, offers authentic Chinese gourmet dishes created by a renowned Hong Kong Chinese chef.


The interior showcases a chic Chinese Art Deco design, and the menu presents specialties from across China, including Cantonese dimsum and barbecue delicacies, live seafood, and Peking duck.


Having called so late in the week, I almost didn’t get to reserve a table for last Sunday. I begged & cajoled until the receptionist finally relented & made a way to give us a table with just a day to go. THANK YOU!! :-*


My Kap doesn’t look his age, does he? :) He must be so happy with me, mukhang walang ka-proble-problema, coz he looks youthful & worry-free hehe! :P


We were contemplating between ala carte or unlimited dimsum. The featured unli Yum Cha dimsum comes with soup, congee, yang chow fried rice and dessert choices for PHP988 per person. Available daily & valid through now until December 31, the unlimited dimsum lunch comes with a pot of premium tea.


We looked over the dimsum menu & found it sparse & sorely lacking though. Plus no main courses included unlike in SHANG PALACE, PASSION, Li Li, Xin Tian Di, or even Phoenix Court. So ala carte won out. Why hello duck, my old friend! <3


Kap’s feeding program. ;) Kahit walang foreign aid, hindi ako magugutom, lol! ;P


Peking Duck. Serving: Half 1,500 php | Whole 2,800 php. 2nd way. 3 ways (soup or meat, add 300 php) This is one whole serving.


One serving is good for only 4-5 peeps, so we made sure to order a lot to feed 10 pax. On the table: Duck 2 ways | Wok fried crispy noddles (long life) | E fu birthday noodles (double long life hehe)| Yang chow rice | Salted fish Wok fried | Vegetable black fungus | Chinese spinach with Century egg | Sweet and sour pork | Garupa in clay pot | Prawn orange sauce | Beef Pan fried barbecue sauce. Busog lusog! \m/


Braised E-Fu Noodles 520 php. Shimeji Mushrooms, Conpoy. Wok-Fried Crispy Egg Noodles 790 php. Superior Seafood.


Pan-Fried Diced Beef Tenderloin 460 php. Barbecue Sauce.


Deep Fried Prawns with Orange Sauce 980 php.


Sweet and Sour Pork 420 php.


Braised Whole Garoupa, Radish, Clay Pot 880 php.


Braised Assorted Fungus with Bamboo Pith 440 php. Chinese Spinach with Century Egg 470 php.


Nothing brings people together like good food. And eating is our #1 hobby & bonding activity! ;P


Fried Rice, Diced Garoupa, Salted Fish 580 php; Fried rice – Yang Chow Style 420 php

Happiest of birthdays to my One True Love. <3

Thank you for always being kind to me, even at times when I don’t deserve your kindness. Lately, which I unjustifiably blame on my hormonal imbalance & peri-menopausal stage, I have been extra sungit. You’d call me on the phone & I’d be super grouchy. You’d say something & I’d instantly be irritated. And yet, you still treat me with so much love, understanding, and kindness. I’m sorry Honey. I don’t deserve you, I truly don’t.

Thank you for being kind to my family. In our 30 years together & even after you have proven your love & loyalty to me time & again, they have never treated you as part of it & have always set out to exclude you. And yet, you are so gentle & loving with Mom, especially now as she lives with us. You love & care for her as your own (even when I’m such a B!+?h to both mine & yours). And whenever I’m fed up, ready to throw in the towel & give up on them, you tenderly rebuke me & make me see & understand their side -even when there is none. They don’t deserve you. They truly don’t.

Thank you for being so loving & caring, always putting my needs & comfort ahead of yours. Everything you do is with thoughts of me & how I would fare. Instead of you, you, you, it’s always about me, me, me. How did I get so lucky, my Honey?

Thank you for working hard for our family, and for always absorbing all the pressure & stress just so I don’t have to face it. My life is made so wonderfully peaceful, with nary a care because you are there, taking care of every single detail. All I have to do is wake up, and the world is already smiling at me & ready for me.

Thank you for always sheilding me from pain & always seeing to it that I live in bliss & oblivious of the harsh realities of the world. The recent turn of events in our life has brought so much worry & turmoil, and in spite of all your own burdens, you still willingly shoulder my troubles as much as yours just so I don’t have to agonize over life’s trivial -but necessary, matters.


Thank you for keeping me grounded when there are times that I feel so entitled. For teaching me to be humble in spite of all our blessings. For encouraging me to share & not to sweat the small stuff. This is why you are so loved by many. Because you don’t choose your friends depending on their stature in life. Whether you gain something or not, you treat everyone equally. And this is why we are so blessed.

Again, I don’t deserve you, but I sure am glad to have been blessed with not just a great husband but also the world’s bestest friend. I have never been loved as much as I have been loved by you. Not by anyone. Only by you.

Thank you for always having my back, and for the immeasurable happiness you continue to bring into my life.

I love you so much my Honey. YOU, are my biggest blessing in life. :-* And I’d choose you above any other over & over again. For after God, you are my rock.


“A man who treats his woman like a princess is proof that he has been born & raised in the arms of a queen.” So in spite of our differences & my impatience with her through the maaaany years she’s lived with us, I am indebted & would like to take this opportunity to bow down & thank her royal highness for the gift that is you. <3 2-3 more decades in her company (hmmnnnn.. wait let me think again -lol) can not even commensurate the trade-off of being your wife. So sige na nga! Forever-after na tayong we-are-family! ;)) #grouphug


Blow your candle & make a wish.


This is what I want for your birthday: Blessings so that all your endeavours are successful. Inspiration to do beautiful things in life. Reassurance in times of being low. Tolerance for both happy & sad moment. Happiness all year round. Dare to go in unfamiliar areas. Admiration from others because of your good deeds. And yes, yes, YES! A zest for everything positive in life. Have a super birthday my dearest husband! :-*


A real man loves his wife, and places his family as the most important thing in life. Nothing has brought me more peace & contentment in life than having you as my husband & our children’s father.


Thank you Honey, for all that you are! <3

Jackpot talaga ako sa asawa ko. Wala na akong mahihiling pang iba. Ako na ang sobrang pinagpala sa mundong ibabaw. ;)


Remember THIS? Sunnies.. para hindi masilaw sa iba. lol!


Bagay! :)

Happy birthday to the man of my life, the king of my dreams, and the mate of my soul. <3 The best part of my every day is sharing it with you. May you have many more happy & healthy years (with me) ahead of you my Honey! :-*


PS: On our way out, MIL whispered to me.. “Buntis si Joy” (one of my mom’s caregivers) I go: HUH?? Paano mo nalaman Ma? Nagsabi ba sayo? Bakit hindi ko alam? And she goes “Ah, narinig ko nagsusuka. Buntis yun. Buntis!”

Ayan ka na naman Ma eh. Peace na nga tayo, inumpisahan mo na naman ang chismis. Hindi ba pwedeng sinisikmura lang? Buntis na talaga agad-agad???

So help me God! :))

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