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Huaiyang Cuisine by Chef Anthony Dong at Shang Palace

Lovely ladies who are old and dear friends Lesley Ann Tan, Makati Shangri-La Manila‘s Director of Communications & Communications Manager Michayla Angela Siquijor-Cordero, sent me an invite to experience the authentic and elegant dishes of China’s Huaiyang cuisine with a special menu prepared by guest chef Anthony Dong from Futian Shangri-La, Shenzhen at SHANG PALACE from July 20 to 30, 2014. Definitely an honor & a privilege on my part. Something that I will definitely NOT miss.



The tall, statuesque & gorgeous Director of Communications Lesley Ann Tan is one of Philippine Star’s Women of Allure. A roster of beautiful, talented, and accomplished ladies who are passionate about what they do. <3 Makati Shangri-La Manila is certainly lucky to have Lesley on board!



With equally bubbly & driven PR ladies, Communications Manager Michayla Angela Siquijor-Cordero & Chrystel D. Ilano, Corporate trainee, communications. Thank you so so much for having me over! <3


HUAIYANG CUISINE, known around the world for its exquisite style and flavors, is also one of the main components of Chinese cuisines, combining the cooking styles of Yangzhou, Suzhou, Nanjing and Zhenijiang dishes.



photo 1

Appetizer combination in Jiangnan style. I loved how these teeny tiny appetizers packed a mean punch. The green ball is a Marinated Minced Spinach with VERY spicy Green Mustard which brought tears of joy to my eyes & is hands down my favorite among the lot. <3 Beside it is a Marinated Cuttlefish with Japanese Bean Curd. Above (brown) are Deep-Fried Fish fillets with Five Spices & beside it is a piece of Marinated Chicken and Sliced Abalone with Wasabi.


Holding my kissing snails made from flour.. carrying sliced spicy abalones stewed in garlic & chili sauce. Too beautiful to eat! <3

photo 2

These cute snails certainly showed the chef’s playful & imaginative side.


Braised bean curd ball in superior broth. The chef came to our table explaining that the noodle-like strips are actually bean curds very thinly sliced.


Deep fried shrimp with oatmeal on cucumber.



Crunchy all around with the fresh prawn & oatmeal mix. Another favorite! <3


Brasied beef cheek with red wine pear. What I thought was an ordinary pear held a cheeky surprise within.. tender & flavorful BEEF CHEEKS! :)



Braised bamboo asparagus in superior broth.

Picture 1

Fried rice with preserved meat & shrimp. The tiny bits of shrimp & preserved meat added a salty flavor which makes the rice a complete meal in itself.




Assorted fruits with a heart-shaped gelatin. Chef Dong certainly knew how to capture one’s heart, body & soul with the dishes he prepared meticulously for us. <3


Chef Dong is in Philippine soil for the first time, bringing with him more than 20 years of culinary experience, to prepare dishes such as Glutinous Rice Dumpling Stuffed with Sesame Paste, Deep-fried Shrimp with Oatmeal, Braised Bamboo Asparagus in Superior Broth and more at Shang Palace.



A well-accomplished chef in the culinary world, he holds the title of Honorary Deputy Professor of Food and Beverage Management at Far East University in Tainan and has also won a gold medal in the National Innovative Cooking Competition in China for his outstanding culinary skills and creativity.


PicMonkey Collage

On the lower right corner, Chef Dong with F&B executive assistant manager, MARCO TIRAFERRI.


Experience other exceptional dishes in Makati City only at Shang Palace, known for its authentic Cantonese cuisine. You may also want to try the Eat all you can of dim sum, appetizers, soup, noodles, rice, and one choice of main course for only PHP 888 /person (subject to tax & service charge). Dim Sum Plus is only applicable for lunch from Monday to Saturday, 11.30am to 2.30pm.



Hot Prawn Salad


Sweet & Sour Pork


Steamed Broccoli Flower


Yang Chow Fried Rice


Braised Noodles with Seafood & Vegetables


Shang Palace’s fancy interiors with glittering crystal chandeliers and intricate wooden latticework on the walls create an enchanting ambiance that is unique to this restaurant. Guests may enjoy memorable celebrations with family and friends in any of the 11 private dining rooms, a spacious main dining area and intimate booths. Shang Palace is open daily for lunch at 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. and dinner at 6:30 to 10:30 p.m.



This photo belongs to Makati Shangri-La Manila.


For restaurant reservations or for more information, please call (63 2) 814 2580 or email

Thank you so much Makati Shangri-La Manila and ladies Lesley, Mica, and Chrystel for always including me in your guest list, and for a sumptuous lunch. Time spent at Makati Shangrila-La Manila is always fun fun fun! <3

And because we just couldn’t resist..



and thank you also for the surprise artisanal chocolates from SINFULLY! <3


photo 2

Choose your sin. Sinfully by Makati Shangri-La offers sinful cakes, sinful chocolates, sinful pastries, sinful bakeries and other indulgences. The pastry gift shop is located at the second floor of Greenbelt 5, Ayala Center, Makati City.



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