3-on-3 Slam Jam and TOMS day

The last sunday before school starts & we have to wake up early for my babyson’s 3-on-3 basketball game at ATC! @_@ What’s worse, what’s supposedly was a 9AM start became 2PM. Golly gee willickers -the organizers should get better time AND schedule management!

This June 2-3Sports Empire Inc. hosts a 3-on-3 Slam Jam Tournament at Alabang Town Center. Kids and adults are invited to join this battle of 3-on-3 basketball. All you gotta do is form a group of 4, pay the registration fee of 600, and bring your A game.

Cool trophies. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to bring home one. Big OR Small! ;P
There were just too many good players competing.
Our team m/
Their opponents are ALWAYS beefy.
Babyson, I think you need to beef up ASAP! ;))

The game, after waiting around for 5 hours, lasted all of 5 minutes teehee! ;)) They were promised another game at a much later time, so we had some more waiting to do. SIGH. My Lavinia, however, had the perfect distraction in mind -yes, you got it. Shopping! @_@

Toms Style your SOLE party! March 12 -14 Alabang Town Center. Get the chance to design your own TOMS! White TOMS will be 10% OFF retail price. Paints, Stencils, and Markers will be on hand for you to “SPEAK YOUR MIND THROUGH YOUR SHOES”. We will have artists on hand to help you design your shoes!
Be apart of the One for One Movement and help a child in need. 
Of course my Lovey was just too happy to oblige! @_@
Even though we have 2 pairs of sebago shoes coming in any day now.
If the world were a village of 100 people,
1 has aids. 3 are slaves, 14 are illiterate, 20 are malnourished,  23 drink polluted water,  25 have no shelter,  30 are unemployed, 33 have no electricity.. AND 40 have no shoes.
With every pair you purchase, TOMS gives a pair of shoes to a child in need.
Be a part of the one-on-one movement!
My Lovey chose the neon orange, to match her CURRENT favorite bag! 
The craft table outside the TOMS store…
With JUDY, our assigned artist.
A UST  Fine Arts Senior. Go Tigers! ;) 

My lovey chose a dreamcatcher deign. 

Tada, her customized TOMS shoes! m/ 
Here are some of the customized shoes.
You can give them your own design & they will do their best to copy it.
Or you can even do it on your own (if you want to risk a 3k+ pair of shoes that is)
Thank you JUDY for making my Lovey’s TOMS shoes so very special! <3
And my ate reconnected with her childhood friend GABBI who was manning the booth.
Her aunt, THERESE (DIMPLES) LA’O, owns the TOMS philippine franchise.
(Trisha saw us but was in a hurry so I didn’t get to meet her. Boo! :( )

All that waiting & shopping made us SOOOO hungry, so we made a quick detour at Italianni’s across for a little nourishment! ;P

ahhhhh -cool tall drink, just what I needed! <3
Watermelon Bellini 250 php
We love their complementary focaccia bread!
Sicilian Chicken Salad -yummy! m/
425 php (lunch size)
My 2 favorite girls in the whole wide world! <3 <3 <3

Meanwhile, look at how big Jela has grown at 5 months! <3

My baby can hardly carry her, haha!
School officially starts tomorrow for all my kids. Bye now, Imma wallow in pity! :'((
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