3 Idiots

Came home after picking up the kids from school yesterday to find my hunny putting on topsiders. Nothing unusual there. What’s unusual is him putting on shoes while in his usual pang-bahay get-up (sando & shorts!) as he swiftly went back up the stairs with a stick in his hand.

Curious as to what he’s up to, I also hurriedly went up & followed him. Not as quick though, coz I only saw part of his leg as he climbed out our 2nd floor window, onto the roof! Wouldn’t have noticed it actually until ate screamed “Mom, dad is on the roof!”.

Turns out he was trying to unclog the drain from our air-conditioning unit! @_@ On a pulled hamstring! And here I thought that’s what our houseboy is for!

Idiot #1! :P
He’s really asking for it! @_@
My heart stopped beating as I remembered a scene in DALAW.
(I’m not sure if that’s the one where the husband fell from the roof & broke his neck!)

That’s idiot #1 for you. And here comes idiot #2 & idiot #3…

The bffs with “battlescars” from a basketball game.
I’m telling you, these idiots are really asking for it! @_@ 

Picked up my babyson & his best bud from basketball practice. Found the 2 of them sitting quietly with heads bowed, not willing to show me their faces, hehe. That’s Luigi with a bloodied nose & swollen lips! –would have gone ballistic had I not found his face too funny for words!

My babyson with marks & lesions on his upper left face
My “adopted” son with a busted upper lip & bloody nose!
See how the idiots even look happy???
All from a game of basketball. Men & their pa-macho image! I will never understand! @_@
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