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28 years. Wow. But I’ve got to admit, I did expect FOREVER the moment I laid eyes on him. I knew in my heart he was “THE ONE”. The moment I fell for him, I saw the whole shebang flash through my eyes.. babies, a pet, house with a white picket fence. For short, the whole 9 yards, my dream come true. How blessed am I to have found my Soulmate early on when so many people look for love & sometimes never find it.

28 years, we still hold hands, feed each other big bites & small bites, hump like crazy, go on dates, stare dreamily into each others eyes, whisper sweet nothings. But it ain’t all a bed of roses. FOREVER takes work. FOREVER takes patience. FOREVER takes understanding & seeing past through mistakes & flaws.. accepting it & living with the knowledge that it is what it is, you can’t change a person. You accommodate -warts & all. Nobody is perfect.

I take his loud burps & smelly farts, he takes my snores & drools (for even in Dreamlandia I am surrounded by food!). I accept the fact that he’s one stingy bastard, he accepts that I’m a bottomless pig pit -that as long as there is food, I will eat & eat like there’s no tomorrow. :P I turn a blind eye to his passion for sports. He turns a blind eye to my loathing for exercise or anything remotely similar that causes me to huff & sweat. Me & sweat, definitely a no-go.

What is the secret?

1.) Love. It really does cover a multitude of sins. Love teaches you to forgive. Love teaches you to accept.

2.) Dedication. Know that marriage is for keeps. You NEVER give up, you NEVER lose hope. Of course, I have it easy. My guy is practically a saint. ;)

3.) Sense of Humor. When the sky is falling, or on days you feel like drowning, a sense of humor is the one thing that keeps you afloat. Laugh at your troubles. Problema lang yan, hindi ka mamamatay sa problema. Tomorrow is another day. Tomorrow is a brighter day.

4.) Be each other’s best friend. After 10 years, romance is out the window. Companionship is what keeps you going. You need to WANT to be around each other, and LIKE each other’s company. Otherwise, you’ll grow apart. It doesn’t matter if you have different interests, what’s important is that at the end of the day, you look for each other, confide in each other, revel in each other. There’s nothing sweeter than laying in bed with hands held together, talking about what you did & what happened during the course of the day.

5.) Put God in the center of your lives. If you both fear God, you will not stray. You will not commit adultery. You will honor, obey, and keep the vows you made in front of men, and in front of God.

Life is how you make it. Choose to be happy. Choose to be in love.

Always remember to laugh WITH each other, not AT each other.

Nobody is perfect. Nothing is perfect. Make room for mistakes.

Husbands, don’t be HISTORICAL. Wives, don’t be HYSTERICAL.

Honey, I don’t want just another 28 years. I want forever with you. Even beyond life on earth! <3 Happy Anniversary!! :-*

Credits to JERICHO SAN MIGUEL for all the photos here. Thank you Echo, ang galing mong maka-angulo ha! In fainress, ang ganda ko dito! ;))

These were like just 5-second shots at a random place, not even in a studio. But Jericho was able to catch our playfulness & love for each other. He was able to capture magic. ;)

For your photography & graphic design needs, you may contact Jericho at 0917-8944647. He mostly takes food photos & is the chief photographer of the blog Mucking Around Manila, but he also does humans & furry creatures. ;)

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