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Century City Mall

There’s a(nother) new mall in town, and this one is actually closer to home. So we were able to visit CENTURY CITY MALL in Makati last EDSA DAY. I just love holidates. I wish there exists one holidate per week or even every 2 weeks! :P

Century City Mall

Century City, Kalayaan Ave. cor. Salamanca St.,,

Brgy. Poblacion, Makati 1210

Phone:0927 951 7544

Century City Mall is what I refer to as a mini-mall, a bit like Podium. It doesn’t take the whole day for you to go around & visit every nook and cranny. What’s nice is it’s upscale so there’s not too many people loitering around. Well, for now. Plus parking is free. Also for now. Most of the shops & restaurants are still closed, so you might want to wait a while to visit it. Check out their Facebook page HERE.


The cinemas are open though and I love its poshness. Super soft, comfy seats, clean amenities. Klazz to the highest level at 220 php/person. They also have a PREMIER cinema similar to SM’s Director’s Chair where they offer luxurious reclining chairs with unli drinks & popcorn at 500 php/head.

The Book Thief was showing the day we went, and I was this close to buying tickets for the 3 kids when Kap magically appeared beside me & reprimanded me oh so loudly for all to hear. Kap: Nasisiraan ka na ba??? 5 tayo 1,100. 3 sila 1,500! Marunong ka ba mag-compute??? Jeez Louise, chillax -regular movie for all of us then. So we watched 3 Days to Kill  (which by the way is a grrreat movie.  I don’t normally take to action movies but there’s a big amount of romance & happy ending going on. Do watch it) starring the now old-but-still-cute Kevin Costmer. :P

Wow. If this is what regular looks like, I can’t imagine what their PREMIERE cinema has to offer! <3

Nowadays, 2k is nothing for a family of 5 when you set out to watch a movie. :P
Movie tickets + snacks & drinks = poorhouse! ;))

Honey, sa susunod wag ka naman masyadong maka-eskandalo! Sisikat ako sayo niyan eh! @_@

Where we ate, up next! ;)

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