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My 7th Angel of Christmas is Didi Tiu of CanDishhh Tales. A young mother to a pair of delightful tots who loves to talk, eat, AND COLLECT BALLPENS! ;)) She’s been blogging since 2005 & is a breastfeeding advocate.

Her hubby is a stickler for privacy, lels, so we shaded his face in the picture below. I hope he doesn’t mind that I made him Mr. Santa in spite of his slight physique! ;))

Thank you so much Didi for agreeing to guest blog in spite of your busy schedule. I remember how it is to be a young mom (*shudder -haha!), and I really appreciate you for making the time & effort for li’l big ole me. I’m sorry if I made you sad reminiscing about your angkong. But he’s in a much better place now looking down on all of you with a great big smile!

I hope you enjoy her exclusive post here on Sugar, Spice & Everything Nice as much as I did! <3

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You know what, Christmas is Christmas. It’s the time when people are so happy and positive! It must be the air, when it hits December, you will see people smiling more! And that means one thing – they are happy! And I am a happy person, well – I try to be. I try my best to see the good in things, and I think that has made all the difference.

When I was younger like less than 12yo, I used to get all excited with imagining the kinds of gifts that I would be receiving. I remember being disappointed when I got clothes, I guess when one is young – a toy seems very exciting! As I grew older my aunts and uncles would ask us what we wanted, so as not to disappoint us. I remember my Uncle Hanson giving me all sorts of board games! And I was soooo happy because I was so into board games at that time. As the years passed, I was more delighted to receive Angpao (Red envelopes with moolah!) because, I could pool the angpaos to get something I really really wanted.

When Jane asked for a fond memory, I was honestly saddened, because my fondest Christmas memories would be that when my Angkong (grandfather) was still alive – we would gather together in his house on every 24th – have dinner and wait till 10pm to start distributing gifts. We were all done with the opening of gifts and saying endless ‘Thank you’s’ and ‘Merry Christmas!’ – it was such a fun tradition through the years. But when my Angkong passed – we had to wait for two years before we could celebrate it again, and by that time – we were all older and each family had their own celebration.  I honestly miss it.

With my family naman – it was really simple, we would just eat together and and hear Christmas Eve Mass. The menu was also simple – it was lechon or steak, grilled prawns and fruit salad. This was the menu every year – but somehow, I look forward to having it every year! I have to be honest, we are not much a of a gift giving kind of family. We do not require gifts during the holidays – if there was a gift, then good. If there wasn’t – it was still okay. For years, it was like this and I enjoyed it very much. It was a simple yet meaningful celebration to me.

When I had a BF, Christmas was something to look forward to. When my Panget and I were BF-GF there was the obligatory Christmas gift to each other. It was only then that I learned to give gifts. I also had to help him pick gifts for his inaanaks. As I said, I am not much of a gift giver – but I had to learn! Those who know me, know that I am not fond of shopping. So for me, gift shopping was more of a task rather than something I enjoyed doing. But hey, for those seven years – I have to admit, it grew on me (Christmas gift shopping, I mean) I guess it (the shopping) is a work in progress. Little did I know that it was a preparation for when I had kids of my own.

Daddy with Connor & Kailey! <3

On the year that we got married, we didn’t get a Christmas tree. We didn’t see the need for it. We were KJ to be honest. But when we had Kailee – my, it changed drastically! I remember that it was still November that I bought our tree and Christmas decorations. I was all out on getting the right combination of decors and the color theme that year. I had so much effort because I wanted Kailee seeing Christmas decorations in the house. I wanted the house to be very festive, so that she will somehow grasp the idea that there was something special going on. Even if she was too young to understand, I think I was successful enough – hahaha!!

With the gift giving aspect, it was it was the same drastic change. Everything that caught my eye in toy stores, I secretly wanted to get for them. I always sighed and cooed when I saw a toy that I wanted (for myself) and the kids. I wasn’t a deprived child, but mind you – the toys nowadays? WOW! I want them for myself! Hahaha… I was excited to see what toy stores had to offer for the holidays. It was like my eyes were opened to whole new world of toys! What I dreaded doing for years, well – I look forward to doing now, for my kids!

How I wish we were all kids every time its Christmas. The look on their faces when you see them open their gifts is priceless! The delight and surprise in their eyes is something I wouldn’t trade anything for. And this year, Kailee and Connor are both bigger. They are more aware of what presents are, I’m sure it would be an enjoyable sight to see them open their gifts. We had our first ever Christmas party last weekend and they were so happy to receive gifts! We had to talk them out of opening all of the gifts that they got! Kailee was just so happy! Connor was still confused but he refused to let go the presents he got his hands on.

Thank you Jane, for making me a part of your 12 Angels of Christmas! I am truly honored (and kilig!!)  Thank you also for your blog! You have entertained us so much and shared to us your family (and soul!) Have a wonderful wonderful Christmas! I wish to have the same joy and happiness that you have with your family! Thank you for sharing to us – your life!

To your readers – MERRY CHRISTMAS! I wish everyone the Happiest and the Jolliest and the Merriest Christmas ever! This is the season for giving and sharing – so share a smile, share a nice gesture. Pay it forward! Happy Christmas guys!!

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