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To my Babyson on his 16th Birthday!

My dearest Babyson,

Today, you are 16. I guess too old to be called my babyson na, huh? :) And someone else calls you her “baby” now so I probably should start thinking of another pet name for you. :P But in my heart, you will always be my babyson. No matter how tall you get, or how old you become.

It seems just like yesterday when mommy was your whole world. It was always “mommy this” or “mommy that”. I miss those days.

I’m just here babyson. Waiting with open arms. Always. <3

And even though it’s not very macho, allow me to envelope you in my arms like before. Even for just a couple of seconds every day. I miss cuddling my baby boy. <3

Fast forward to now. You’re stronger & taller na than mommy! How I sometimes wish I can just stop the clock from turning.

I know that at 16, I should probably let you go gently. Goodness knows your dad always tells me to do so. But it’s really hard coz I always worry about you. It’s my job as your mom, you know, to keep you warm & safe. I can’t imagine a life without you, which is why I am the way I am. Give me more time please? I’ve been too traumatized with great losses around us that I need to cough up some courage to slowly let you be your own man. Please be patient with me, I promise you, that time will come. Just let me hang on to my babyson a little while longer. Allow me to take care of you a little bit more.

This year, I’m glad to see that your wings have fully expanded & that you are ready to take that flight. I’m happy to see that you have plenty of new friends to keep you occupied. I’m delighted that you found that special someone who makes your heart beat faster & makes you inspired to go to school -for only a special, wonderful girl deserves my baby boy. But in a way, I’m also sad because you have less time for mom. I guess I’m selfish to want to have you for myself. You are my only boy, after all. ;)

I know I don’t need to tell you to always stick to ONLY one girl at a a time. ;) You are sensitive enough for that, and I’m glad. Treat girls just as you would treat your sisters & your mom. If possible, make sure that THAT one girl will be your girl for the rest of your lifetime. We are not objects to be played with. Always be serious & have good intention when you get into a relationship -never get into a relationship just for the sake of it, no matter the amount of peer pressure. Love is not a game. Respect her as you would respect us, the ladies in your life. And if & when the time comes that the love is gone, never string her along. Be honest, but also be gentle. For nothing is worse than a broken heart. Speaking of broken hearts, I wish you will never have to go through one. But if you do, know that it’s not the end of the world, and that there are plenty of other fish in the sea. Bid your time.

I want to thank you for being an ideal son. You have never given me heartaches & headaches (well except for that one time when you packed your things & left home because you were angry at me! Please babyson don’t ever do that again. Mommy is human & also makes mistakes). You always study diligently, and you have never done anything that will make me sad, or angry, or disappointed. Thank you for that. And thank you for knowing not to associate yourself with the wrong crowd, doing the wrong things.

Keep up the good work son. I’m so proud of you! :)

I also want to say that I’m so proud of you, and at the kind of man that you are becoming. I hope that you will always take things in stride & always consider your future no matter what. Now that you are 16, a lot of things will look tempting. I hope that Dad & I raised you well & right to know what is good for you. Finish your studies babyson, prioritize it above all because it will give you a bright future, even after Dad & I are long gone. Sometimes affairs of the heart get in the way of the path that is laid out for us. Please don’t let it be the case. Be an inspiration to one another & climb up the ladder of success together.

And please, always always be there for your sisters. Always look out for their best interest -but you don’t need to be an action star. DO NOT BEAT ANYONE TO A PULP! Baka makulong ka pa! Sometimes listening is more than enough. Just be there for them. Time will come when you will all have relationships of your own. Don’t let it be a hindrance, and never allow external associations ruin your sibling bond that we your parents have carefully crafted. At the end of the day, blood is STILL thicker than water. Do not let anger, hearsays, or misunderstandings get in the way of sibling love. Don’t be like me, I will always regret my failed relationship with my only sibling. Please never make the same mistake.

Thank you for loving one another. Please never let anyone destroy this bond.

Remember. babyson, that the heart is BIG. We can all occupy that big space in your heart -together. It doesn’t need to be just for 1 person. Make some room for us too. ;)

Speaking of action stars. I know it’s in your nature as a guy to be macho. But choose your battles wisely. Please. If there comes a time when you have to run for your life, RUN. Don’t hesitate, and don’t look back. It’s not cowardly to want to live. It’s called self-preservation. All tangible things can be replaced, don’t be a hero. If a bad person asks for it, give in without a fight. Material possessions don’t count. Your life does. Always.

The photo below belongs to

Wag kang mag-ala Bruce Lee. Please lang! You may look alike, but you don’t have his awesome fighting skills, OR his abs! :P

Lastly, I know you’re on a different plateau of happiness right now, but do remember your mom, dad, & siblings once in a while. We miss you too you know. Leave some time for your family as well, join us in our escapades. Don’t shut us out. Mommy misses hanging with you -even for just a quick ice cream run.

I love you so very much my babyson. No words can express how much. <3 Happy happy 16th birthday. I wish you all of God’s great & wonderful blessings! :-*

And even though you always go for that annoying look, you are still the handsomest babyson in the whole wide world, and you will always, ALWAYS be.. MOMMAH’s BOY!! <3


Love always, your Mommy

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