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It was time for me to say goodbye to my Gel Nail Polish. It’s been a good 24 days but it was finally time to part ways when my nails grew long & the top bare nails started showing. I was impressed though that my gel polish never chipped & my nails were in great shape those 24 days!

After 1 Week

After 2 Weeks

After 3 weeks

On the 24th day. Oh yes, pa-tweetums talaga ang drama! ;)

It was time to say goodbye when my half-moons started getting prominent. I just have to mention though that the tips were still in great condition. <3 None of that chipped & cracked you see after just 3 days with regular polish.

As I was scheduled for a stripping & a St. Germain nail package to take care of my “chemically-abused” nails last sunday, I thought of bringing along my mom & my mother in law for some pampering as well. They, particularly my mom who has been so busy & stressed with work (yes.. at age 82!!) and takes care of sooooo many people, deserved some down time. <3

Los Mudras.. my mother & his mother. ;) It’s very rare to see MIL smile for the camera. So this was a treat.


2nd Level Don Gesu Bldg.,
Don Jesus Blvd., Alabang Hills, Muntinlupa City
(02) 552 3156
Tue – Sun: 11:00 am – 9:00 pm

Coco Express: Maniped / Coco Spa: Green Tea Dip, Sea salt Exfoliating Scrub, Soothing massage, Maniped / Coco Luxe: Green Tea Dip, Sea salt Exfoliating Scrub, Soothing massage, Lavender Paraffin Treatment, Maniped.

Aaaaaaand back to that stoic expression! See? ;P

As soon we we got settled, this lovely platter of pastries made an appearance for our high tea!

and Red Velvet Tea which was my tea of choice. <3 There were other tea assortments available: white, green, cold & iced.

Coco Nail Studio is just so wonderful to think of extras such as power outlets for the ipad, ipod, laptop, or whatever gadgets that the customers bring in for amusement. Thank you Gigi for thinking of our every need! <3

Los Mudras enjoying the St. Germain nail package. The couches are truly so relaxing. I wanted to nod off except my mom kept talking to me, lels!

So I gave her some magazines. and I snoozed away! :P

Attending to us that day were Lily (left), and Amy (right). All of them are really nice & friendly, actually. But I really love Lily the best. Do ask for her when you visit. She is forever smiling with those cute dimples.

Ew. Fat feet. Sorry, but I need to show this part haha.

My Lovey, who always ALWAYS keeps me company & stays by my side, was a wonderful cuddling buddy! <3 It’s impossible not to feel so sleepy with the wonderfully cold air & soothing music.

The stripping of le gel nail polish. I love gel nail polish, but it’s not something I want done regularly as the nails really take an abuse with the chemicals & stripping..

First they let the solution seep through by “marinating” my nails in foil.

I feel like the witch in Oz haha!

Your nails really get a stripping along with the coat of polish, literally, so I don’t recommend Gel Nail Polish on a regular basis. It’s good to get the usual nail treatment once every so often to give your nails a rest. But of course, traditional nail polish doesn’t last as long & it’s more high maintenance since you have to go to the salon at least once a week.

My poor scapped nails.

But CNS quickly took care of it & pretty soon my nails were clean & polished.

I chose BUTTER LONDON this time as my nail polish of choice because the products are said to be formulated to nourish and protect nails, are created carcinogen-free, and do not contain formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, toluene, DBP, or camphor.

Butter London Metallic Nail Polish
SKU: #8205650

It was a fun mommy & me afternoon with the 2 mudras & my baby girl. We have finally found our home in Coco Nail Studio, and we will definitely go back again & again. I just need to get that dang village sticker! :P

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