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22nd at Salvatore Cuomo

Not once in her stint at school all these years has my eldest daughter asked me to give her a birthday party for friends. Not in grade school, not in high school (I had to force her for a sweet 16), not even in college (I had to coax her into having an 18th birthday party -she didn’t want a traditional debut). So when Ate casually mentioned that she would like to invite some friends from grad school for an intimate dinner for her 22nd, I was SHOCKED! ;)


The true beauty of a woman is reflected most in her soul. It is the care that she lovingly gives, the passion that she shows, and the empathy that she generates. May you continue to grow in wisdom & beauty, my darling Jana. <3

Dinner? As in party? I asked. Just a small party mommy, with some friends from school, she replied. DONE. Lemme know where you want it, when you want it, what you want to eat, and how many guests -I’ll do the rest. My girl is a busy, busy bee. Mommy’s gotta step up her game & make this a special night. It was exciting for me in a way as I can finally put a face to the names Ate has been mentioning to me since she started her looooong road to MD in arreneyer. I finally get to meet her new friends, woohoo! \m/

As you may already know, my 2 girls are worlds apart in their taste when it comes to entertaining. While my baby girl likes all things dainty, fine dining & a quiet atmosphere (READ HER RECENT BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION HERE), Ate‘s taste is more on the edgy side. Bar, bar chow, wines & spirits, laughter & chatter all around. So Salvatore Cuomo was the perfect choice for her special night out with friends.

Salvatore Cuomo

G/F Uptown Parade, 9th Avenue corner 38th Street, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig (02) 9463072




Her menu: Wine (rose & white).


Appetizer: Caprese con Mozzarella di Bufala 750 php (Buffalo Mozzarella Salad “Caprese”); Tagliere di Affettati 960 php (Assorted fresh parma ham, Neapolitan salami and Mortadella ham) | Assorted Pizza: Quattro Formaggi 750 php (4 kinds of cheese) ; D.O.C. 820 php (Mozzarella, cherry tomato, basil); Porcini e Porchetta 720 php (Porcini mushroom, roasted pork, basil, mozzarella) ; Salsiccia e Friarielli 680 php (Italian sausage, turnip leaves, mozzarella, chill pepper)


Assorted Pasta:  Spaghetti alla Spuma di Carbonara 480 php (Airy carbonara spaghetti); Fettucine alla Bolognese 460 php (Fettucine with homemade meat sauce); Fettucine ai Scampi 850 php (Fettucine with scampi and tomato cream sauce); Spaghetti all Vongole 550 php (Spaghetti with clams and zucchini) | Main: Tagliata di Manzo 1,500 php (Beef ribeye steak with basil sauce and parmesan cheese). Dessert (cake). 6-8 orders per dish is just right for a table of 24 pax. Ate‘s guests went home with happy bellies, we went home with happy hearts.

Coming from a block section in her former college, 4 years of which was spent with the exact same group of people, Ate was initially worried that she’d have a hard time adjusting to new peeps & making friends. I’m so glad she was proven wrong. On her first day in summer school fresh from the plane with her wits still scattered about, she already found 2 besties in Pat & Alex. <3 Aside from her 2 newest bffs, she also found her arreneyer version of her USTe Bitchezz in the Hoes & Faux Hoes! ;)) I couldn’t be any happier for my little worrywart.


With new sissies Pat & Alex. <3 All beauty & brains. Fashionistas, shoppingeras & foodies too, making Kap nervous AF hehehe.


It’s amazing how these ladies immediately fell in love with one another in such a short span. I can put my fears to rest knowing Ate will have a solid support group in med school.


Out of 180 students in a class, the Hoes & Faux Hoes. ;) Ate‘s tight little med clique.

Happy 22nd birthday, my sweetness! <3 Thank you for making me a mom & having me experience so many firsts with you. For always sharing your life with me and every important milestone.

I pray that God will bless you with balde-baldeng patience & perseverance as you slowly but surely reach for your goal, and guide you & lead you to a successful medical career.

I also pray for God’s best for you, someone like Daddy who will love you more than life itself & himself, and who will always make you feel safe, secure, happy and content. Someone who will always keep you grounded & bear with your kasungitan & mood swings, lol (wonder where you got those from). Dadating din sya anak, maghintay ka lang. REMAIN PURE OK!!! (yan, bold letters na, naka-underline pa! Gets?) ;P

Lastly, and I always say this so you must be sick & tired already but I’ll still say it anyway because you deserve to hear it over & over again, thank you for being such an ideal daughter & a great example to your siblings. Being a parent is easy for us because you make it easy.

Love you so much my darling, super proud of you -you know I’m your #1 fan. Never settle, my princess. You deserve so so so much more. More than what Daddy & I can ever give you, and that’s the absolute truth!


Our dearest Neni bought surprise supplies & the very helpful & attentive staff of Salvatore Cuomo helped blow up & put up the balloons.


If you’re a big group, make sure you make advanced reservations as Salvatore Cuomo ALWAYS gets full, especially around dinner time.


My health status is sure to be covered with 3 soon-to-be doctors in the family! ;) #proudmom #proudaunt Yan ang mga confidently beautiful (and handsome) with heart! I can just imagine 10 years down the road. Remember these faces.. they will go very very far (mula Aparri hanggang Jolo hehehe).



Hats off to AGGY VILLABONA of Aggy’s Cakes & Sweets for this awesome Ralph Wiggum Gross Anatomy birthday cake for my future doktora! (7k is a steal & so worth it!) You have truly outdone yourself Aggy, grabe! Half fondant art, half choco pound cake -and the entire head & limbs made of cereal woohoo! Masyado kang especial, my Sweetness! :-* Certainly a conversational piece, Ate & her friends named & identify the muscle & skeletal parts while waiting for the food to arrive hehe.


Meanwhile, the winner for best in cupcakes which the med students had for dessert is.. (drumroll please) BakerMom Specialty Cakes definitely! Thank you to another good friend Sharon Banocnoc for not just creating beautiful, but also yummy custom-made birthday cupcakes, in red velvet & chocolate. Nothing but the best for my darling. Only 70 pesos per cupcake, you guys MUST order your party favors from Baker Mom. \m/


Special thanks must go to my baby love. I can never thank you enough for being THE super P.A., not just of mommy, but MOSTLY of Ate, lol. Thank you for being my date that night & overseeing that everything went on smoothly, being Ate’s photographer, and just for being the sweet, sweet daughter that you are. How did I get to be so so lucky TWICE with my gals? <3


Thank you so much ladies & gentlemen for a very successful birthday celebration. My girl is just over the moon with happiness, thank you for your wonderful friendship. You guys rock, GO ASMPH! \m/

Salvatore Cuomo is a premium casual Italian restaurant with Japanese influences by its namesake, Italian-Japanese Chef Salvatore Cuomo, that specializes in Neapolitan pizza. For one-night only, on November 23, enjoy a special 9 course holiday menu prepared by Chef Salvatore himself. You can already reserve your slots now. :)



Thank you so much Salvatore Cuomo, my dearest friend Laine Vallar, and the so very helpful ANNA for making my girl’s night a huge success! :-* Happiness all around! <3

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