18 Dance Rehearsal

By nature, I am best described as a moss. (Moss is a plant that commonly grow in damp or shady locations. They do not have flowers or seeds..)

Yes. I most definitely am a moss. I like cool, shady places -the sun is my enemy. I am lazy, thus not a flowering or seeding plant coz I don’t like to be active. I like it best when my feet are up. My pillows are my best friends.

These past 4 days though, I have risen from my ideal place in the cool, comfortable vegetative shade & state respectively to (wait for it..) MOVE. Yes, MOVE! @_@

I think I must have moved more during the preparation for ate’s debut these few months than the past several years combined! :P

Last friday, 16 of ate’s 18 dance partners came over for a rehearsal. 16 active boys! From morning ’til the early evening…

Several boxes of sweets for energy. ;) 
Huge A$$ pizza again from Calda Pizza
cellular phone 0922-7728075/landline 4783715
and more carbo loading, along with 2 kinds of pasta.
Remember, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach! ;P

Gotta warn you though, this is THIN SLICE k. And the crust is VERY chewy (read: makunat!)
But if like me you LOVE hot sauce, just slather it with lots & lots. Then you’re good to go! ;P

Since ate is so anti-traditional, she’s having a mash up of 12 songs for her 18 dance partners instead of a cotillion. So it’s approximately 1-1.5 minutes per song/per lead. It really took the whole day for the dance rehearsal & still they haven’t polished the dance steps, geez. It’s probably gonna take another session next saturday. @_@

“Daddy’s Little Girl”
This brought on major sniffles on my part teehee! <3
“Dance With Me Tonight”
“Kiss The Girl” from The Little mermaid.
This dance is sooooo cute! <3
Too bad quinnah will be subbed since won’t be here for the actual event! :'((
“I’m Sexy & I Know It”
This dance is really comedy haha.
Got us all laughing! ;))
“You Make My Dreams Come True” 
“Once Upon A Dream” from Sleeping Beauty.
I’m happy that she has at least 1 traditional waltz with Patrick! :)
“Teach Me How To Dougie”
“Party Rock Anthem”
“I Whip My Hair”
And finally, “Save The Last Dance For Me” as finale.
Again, more sniffles from the mom. :P

And you would think the “torture” stops there. But, NO. After a short break, we had a video shoot (yet again) for the Opa Gangnam Style music video in several locations..

Opa Gangnam Style dance rehearsal

At this point, I’m really glad that I have 5 more years before another debut. I just don’t know if I’ll still have the stamina by then. :P God help me!

Disclaimer: All grumblings & rants are for drama purposes only. I LOVE doing things for the kids! ;)

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