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Most similar to Kap’s GMRC (kagandahang ugali at asal ba) is my Bae. Second to him, she is really the kindest in the family lol (third is my babyson.. kaming 2 na natitira, puro sungay na hahaha! Peace Ate!). That’s why her friends love her so. She’s had this tight bunch for several years now & they have saved her from her short stint in Zobel, where she tried to find herself in a sea of uncertainty & doubt after growing up in a small school & very sheltered environment.

October 21..


This tight little clique kept her emotionally safe in school even though they were not in the same class & year level. They, especially dear Danielle (leftmost), really stuck by her no matter what through lunch period & then some -as well as keeping her weekends filled. <3 Remember I enrolled her late, so all slots in the much-coveted Grade 9 level were already taken & it was too late for us to go back to her old school. My bad, sorry again Bae. :'(


I’m just so glad that it’s all behind her now, and she has already caught up with her friends academically since I transferred her to homeschooling & we’ve up’d her pace. Now they’re all in their senior year & graduating in 2017 woohoo! \m/ I’m also so happy to see that my Lovey has come out of her shell & is not so shy anymore. I have to give credit where credit is due, her 2-year stint in Zobel boosted her personality, that’s for sure.

October 22..


Having been my P.A. for 2 years now & being with me constantly in all my dealings, meetings, and chores in the world of adults, she has matured considerably & her confidence level is through the roof, trololol! Mini-me ko na sya ngayon hahaha! :P Say hello to Miss Independent! ;) Pati taste nya nag-level up na, zOMG!


Today at 17, I am certain that she won’t be lost in the big world that is college -which can I just say, she is so excited to enter! She has turned from being a mouse under my shadow, to this beautiful, confident, self-assured young lady, ready to conquer the world. My heart is at peace.

Among the 5 of us, my Bae is the true-blue Japanese in the family! Feed her sushi any time, any day, she won’t get sick of it. So for her birthday celebrations with friends & family, it came as no surprise when my little bo peep requested for what else.. JAPANESE!

For her celebration with friends (above), it was in YurakuenDiamond Hotel. For her celebration with the immediate family (below), it was ALSO in Yurakuen, Diamond Hotel, gah! The only difference was we sat at the teppan table for the actual birthday celebration while they had the ala-carte the night before! Talk about seeing double, lol.

October 23..


Her DCAT (De La Salle College Admission Test) was scheduled on the same day as her birthday. So she & her dad left early at 5 AM  & we just met up at Yurakuen for lunch. Thank you Daddy for always taking care of, and chaperoning, our litol princess. :-*


2.8k/person is super sulit for the GOppets. Sa scallops & beef palang, lugi na ang Diamond Hotel sa amin! ;)) Which is why we keep going back to Yurakuen for celebrations.


We learned from past lessons & went easy on the appetizers. We needed lots of room in our tummies for special things up ahead. ;)


I have a healthy fear of flaming fire which rubbed off on the clan, kaya hayan, malayo kaming lahat sa mesa, lol.


Even Kap agrees that 2.8k is worth these prime goods. We went twice for the meats & seafood. Si Chef ang sumuko sa katakawan namin! :P


How time flies. She’s 17 now. Come January, we’ll be busy looking for her debut place. Parang kailan lang it was Ate planning her own debut! 5 years na ang nakalipas.. Naku Kap, ready KNB uli?


Of course, anything & everything for this sweet child of ours who really doesn’t ask for much. <3


Happy birthday my darling! <3 Most of the time I wish that you wouldn’t grow up too fast. But then I realized that would keep us from seeing you turn into this beautiful, confident young lady you are today. Know that you are more than we ever hoped for! :-*


Daughters are sugar spice & all things nice.. just like these 4-flavored ice cream specially churned at Diamond Hotel‘s kitchen! We were hoping for the more exotic flavors generally served at Yurakuen like the Black sesame & Wasabi special though.


Thank you my Honey for giving me 3 wonderful gifts to beat all gifts! Each one keeps my heart full & very very happy -with you at the fore front of course. <3 Had I known we would be this happy & fulfilled, I’d have married you 5 years earlier so we could have had them earlier. ;)


And because she specifically requested it, a comedy flick at the comfy & plush BHS Cinema right after – where mum & dad can sleep while they watched hahaha! #KeepingUpWithTheJonesesGOppets

Back home..


As is the chinese custom, misua for long life. I hope this big bandehado of noodles will prove successful in keeping you healthy, wealthy, and wise! ;)


Details in my Bae’s cake from AGGY’s CAKES & SWEETS. Aggy couldn’t find a box for the Oreo cookies – my darling’s fave, so she just made one from gum paste. How cool is that! \m/ Thank you Aggy!


Choco moist cake from Aggy’s. Our absolute favorite! Cost of cake: 7.5k ; her delight, priceless!


Happy birthday to the shining star of our life! <3 No, I didn’t mean Jela hehe.

Since my Bae started homeschooling, we have been spending a lot of time twogether. More & more frequently now as the time closes, there are mornings when I would wake up & just look at her beside me, savoring each moment because around this time next year, she’d be off in college with the rest of the giblings & I’d be truly alone in the house with just the weekends for bonding. :'( I will miss my little shadow.

October 24..


One-on-one pizza date with Mommy at TUS. <3


Tortoiseshell gals. Days with my Bae are filled with happy little adventures, and just being together doing random things which have made us even closer. I will MISS, huhuhu!!! </3

We make it a point that we don’t lose the essence of family just because the lolas live with us. So we schedule alone time as well as complete family time because we tend to focus less attention on the kids when the mothers are around, requiring constant help & assistance. Plus it really makes for a full house, lol! ;P

October 25..


Para kaming sardinas sa school bus. Kap doesn’t like it when we act spoiled & entitled. Inconvenience is not a point of consideration for him, so we all rode together to save on gas & parking kahit pinupulikat na kami sa sikip amidst traffic! @_@ And take note.. marunong na si Kap mag “OTD” kahit kulang ng isang letra hahaha. Sige honey push mo yan, buy a vowel! ;)) #OOTD


At dahil it takes a while for my stiff joints to work, lol, he carries my bag for me while I sort myself out & stretch hehe. HULI! #slavetolove


After an hour of travel & traffic, Good Morning Mam-Ser welcome to Fortune Court Seafood Restaurant! ;))


In fair, the toilets are nice, clean and air-conditioned. With bidets! *claps* Not bad, not bad at all! I especially like that lip urinal, would you guys happen to know where I can get a hold of one for my babylon’s bachelor bathroom??


I really don’t know how my Honey manages to find these deals. He is really the King of discounts. ;) I have to admit, I was hesitant initially kasi alam nyo naman si Kap.. “ADVENTUROUS”! @_@ We didn’t know if okay ba o palpak, tapos we had the oldies with us pa that time. Mahirap kaya mag about-face at gutom na kaming lahat!


42 php per order of dimsum and these are 3 orders each. Un-freakin-believably good.. and big too! \m/ I was thinking to myself the dimsum will probably be minuscule for the price. And I am happy to report that I was very, very wrong. :) Make sure you ask for the Taro & prawn dimsum, sobrang wagi!


The Spinach & seafood soup is also for only 198 php & filled 8 small bowls. Enough to go around.


Everything on the table was 198 php each per serving good for 4-5 pax. We ordered a feast to feed our hungry army of 8 hehe.


Fortune Court Seafood Restaurant is located at 8 Hobbies of Asia Life Style Bldg., D. Macapagal Ave. Pasty City. Tel. number (02) 8368124. In front of PNB along Dampa. Hindi ako mapapahiya sa pag-rekomenda sa inyo. ;) The promo is available DAILY from 11-2. That’s Mondays to Sundays!


When we came in at 1:30 pm WITH NO RESERVATIONS WHATSOEVER (ang titibay ng loob diba!) it wasn’t too busy. But the lady server said they get pretty crowded from 11am up, and with the yummy food they whipped up, I have no doubt.


Promo down to the dessert. For dine-in only. Our bill came up to 3.8k (tax & SC included) for 9 orders of dimsum, 11 orders of main dishes, and 3 orders of dessert plus the Mango Sago (not included in promo).


For Kap, chinese restaurants were made to bring families together hehe. ;)) Happy Kap, happy wife, happy life! Haberday again our darling baby Jena! :-*


Of course, he just couldn’t resist. Honey, please don’t play with food. Play with me nalang!! :P

5 straight days of celebration Bae, HUWAW! You are so SO blessed, and so SO loved!


If the shoe fits. :) Happy 17th birthday to my 21st century Cinderella! Being the youngest, you are always the utusan of your parents & giblings. Thank you for always being so generous with your service & time, never grumbling. Thank you for being my perennial sidekick & never complaining even when you’re already so tired from being dragged all over town. Thank you too for always helping me carry around packages & lifting heavy things wherever, whenever. Thank you for always helping me do stuff for your Ate (anastacia) & kuya (drizella), never asking for anything in return. Most of all, thank you for loving me so much, taking care of me all the time & even setting the alarm so I can take my meds on time. #luckymemommy Know that you are most treasured by mommy, I don’t even know what my life would be without you. You are the best surprise gift that I have ever received in my life, and I wouldn’t want it any other way. . I love you my sweet, generous, loving, thoughtful daughter, never change.

and thank you tita Irene..


Testing 1-2-3.. Indulgence by Irene‘s most awaited cheesecake flavor is FINALLY here! And for our Bae’s birthday, we got a special backstage pass to its unveiling when Irene sent us over a birthday cheesecake, woohoo! Other available flavors – Quezo de Bola, Tablea, Choc Nut, Calamansi, and Corn. 9 inch – P1000 ; 6 inch – P 550 ; 4 inch – P 220 | Premium – Ube, London Fog, Matcha, QDB-Ube Duo. 9 inch – P1200 ; 6 inch – P 650 ; 4 inch – P 250. Super Premium – Coffee With Bailey’s, Halo-Halo, Tablea Smores, Strawberry. 9 inch – P1400 ; 6 inch – P 750 ; 4 inch – P 300. For Orders you may call or text 0917-6225800 (at least 2 days advance order because Irene’s cheesecakes are all freshly baked). Pick up locations: 1. Astoria Plaza – Ortigas 2. Aseana – schooldays early morning and Friday afternnon. 3. Serendra – Monday to Thursday afternoons . Tangy, and sweet, and creamy.. this new cheesecake flavor has just the right blend & the perfect combination, ya gotta taste it to believe it! \m/

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