I’m otherwise known as Mrs. Claus. Not because I’m (in a delicate/subtle/not-so-mean way) chubby, but because I like to give gifts especially during the holidays. And you know what gift-giving entails right??? $$$ and more $$$!!! @_@

So, my hunny & I are constantly finding ourselves in 168! :P Hey, don’t diss it just yet. Sometimes, you can buy really nice things if you put your heart & soul into it! ;) It’s just like the bazaars, hello! May aircon & escalator pa! Think SM-meets-greenhills tiyangge! They’ve got it all for you!:P

I was only able to take pictures the last time we went coz it’s always crowded. Last week, it was SURPRISINGLY not crowded, I don’t know why!!! We went very early & was able to get a nice parking space. Go on a weekday, maybe that’s the reason why we weren’t shoved around as much! ;P
So what do we buy, my mommy friend Ivy asked me, haha! I told her: insect/bug sprays like baygon costs like 500 ba? There it’s only 100.. and guaranteed lason pa coz made in china HAHAHA!!! LOL-jk!, Cling-wraps for left-over food, tools for my hunny, and mostly christmas giveaways -it is the though that counts, you know! <3 But don’t worry, you’re all not getting a gift from 168 hahaha!!! ;)

Everything soccer! Too bad my babyson doesn’t play the sport!
Pen sets, which I bought an assortment of, for gifts to office workers.
50php/box. Oh di ba??? ;P
Bag holders.. also 50php each lang!
Small tokens to say.. “I remembered you this holiday season!” ;)
Beats!!! Haha my babyson will kill me if I pass this off as genuine! ;))
Hey, it’s mahal pa rin for an imitation ha. 1,5k!!!
We tried listening to it, papasa sa bata, hehe! :P
Perfume galore!!! Lahat nalang may imitation!!! @_@
Pati harajuku hindi pinatawad! ;))
Birthday lootbags!
10x deadly insect spray killer from china!!! @_@
As with other insect spays, do not inhale or use near animals!!!
Totes for office people… 300php each.
I’m loving the prints! ;)
Clothes.. miles & miles of!!!

Upstairs is the food court. Any other time I would shudder to eat here because it will be highly impossible to get a table. But the day we went, it really wasn’t so crowded & my hunny & I had a somewhat pleasant lunch.

He had the 80-peso meal. 2 viands + rice.
Happy sya! ;))
And we shared this pale walang-lasang pancit! :P
And look at the GIANT siopao I was able to buy from monteland on a side trip as pasalubong for the kids!!! Almost as big as my Lovey’s face, hahaha! ;))

and this hair thingy, also from 168..

My lavinia had a blast with this kikay kit! ;))

But best of all are the christmas wrappers & boxes which you can buy wholesale!! Tara, let’s 168 na!!! And hey, visit THESE PLACES too if you do find yourself in binondo! ;)

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