Okay, so today is 11.11.11, pretty cool huh? ;) Next year is 12.12.12 which will be the last of the triple-repeat-digit in my lifetime, come to think of it. Another 100 years, am I right? So our family went mainstream and celebrated with the rest of the romantics (or heretics?) even though it’s a school night and the kids are tired from their school activities. They insisted, just so you know. ;P

Went to greenbelt to get my babyson’s personalized adidas shoes which was announced ready for pick up today! m/ Electronic gadgets & shoes.. Those are his only vices. So his dad and I try to humor him and give in, within reason. He’s such a good boy anyway, always at the top of his class and doesn’t give me any headaches or heartaches. What’s a reward now & then? And he did say this was his advance birthday gift! :P

Adizero Crazy Light basketball shoes by adidas
Spin it, dish it and finish with authority. These adiZero™ Crazy Light shoes are the lightest ever. They feature adidas’ featherweight sprintweb upper designed for killer cuts to the basket. With slam-friendly EVA cushioning and superior grip on the basketball court.

He loves shoes in many different colors & types! @_@

Had dinner at Krazy Garlic in GB5, our 2nd time.

Our 1st time when it just opened..
My babyson wasn’t towering over us yet! ;))

Fully satisfied both times, I’m happy to report. It was quite full, as expected on a Friday. But waiting time was thankfully short.

My crazy kids @ Krazy Garlic! <3
My super cute & chunky Juicy Couture charm bracelet which
ate played with while waiting for our food to come..
(My charms are really really cute, everything a girl can ever need:
checkbook, jewelry box, diamond ring, and a hair dryer. Hahaha! :P)
Baba Ghanoush (eggplant dip with bread) 250php
His & Hers! ;)
Honey Chicken (1/2) 350php
Sesame Beef  250php
Grilled Squid 350php
Their star.. the Krazy Garlic! ;))
KG vegetables 250php
Hara Kiri Rice 350php
(Spicy. I LOVED IT!!!)
Empty plates!!! ;))
My hunny so satiated & sleepy already!
Behind us was the Alice in Garlikland mural. How cute! :)
Then dessert at Gelatissimo. What a satisfying night! <3

Large cup 190php

Sampler Sundae (all their flavors!!!) 600php
The 2 boys & I split this up. Yummm!!! <3

Passed by the chocolate store, SINFUL INDULGENCE (so true!!!). A girl can dream, can’t she? Sigh! </3

It took every ounce of self control in me not to buy (or eat) anything! :((

What works of art! <3
Such a shame to eat them, don’t you think? ;P
Santa & Gingerbread house! <3

Rushed back home in time for the lantern flying in Cuenca at exactly 11.11PM sooooo many people!!! The only other place which had this same ritual, I learned, was in Banchetto megatent in Ortigas.

We were surprised by the big turnout!

Whoever thought of this was very very clever. And earned a lot tonight from the sales of the paper lanterns (90php/piece), I bet –based on the outcome of the people who attended the festival.

My kids were excited to make wishes twice today at exactly 11:11AM/PM. Silly kids! ;) You do know that you can ask God any time, any day right? You really don’t have to wait for a special day nor an exact time, duh! @_@

star light, star bright. First star I see tonight. Wish I may, wish I might, Have this wish I wish tonight…

Goodnight everyone! :-*

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